The Best Stick Vacuums for Household Messes Big and Small

Ain’t technology great? The dust-blasting 40-pound bag on wheels your grandma used to push around the carpet is now a sleek cordless shaft of plastic and engineering. If you want a new stick vacuum, here are the best.

What’s a stick vacuum? Thanks to improved vacuum technology and compact rechargeable batteries, there’s a whole slew of ultra portable vacuums on the market that are perfect for daily tidying. You can leave the big upright vacuum in the hall closet for the whole house deep cleaning and bust out the stick vacuum to suck up dust bunnies and spilled cereal with way less hassle, cord wrangling, and clean when you’re done.

With that in mind, do note that stick vacuums work best for smaller homes and smaller areas, because of narrower frames and short running times on cordless models. If you have a large area to cover, or you need to do so on a regular basis, an upright model might be better for your needs. But if you want something light and easy to use for fast cleaning sessions, check the picks below. We’ve also selected the best models for pet owners, for those who need a full corded model, and those on a budget.

Best Overall Pick: Dyson V7 ($250)

Yes, the hype is real. Dyson’s obsessive engineering make each of its successive vacuum designs better, but what they all have in common is crazy-powerful suction and refined aesthetics. The V7 model isn’t the latest or most feature-packed in the range, but at $250 retail for the standard model it will give you all the basic functionality without breaking the bank.

The V7 includes a powered roller head for more aggressive dirt pickup and a dust bin that empties directly into the trash without any disassembly, and comes with attachments for short and long-range cleaning on other surfaces. The basic version is lacking a soft-head roller option (which can be found on more expensive Dyson models) or a hot-swappable battery (which isn’t found on any Dyson stick vacuums). Those looking for truly massive sucking power, a quieter electric motor, or longer battery runtime should check out the V8 and V10 models, but be prepared to pay for the premium.

Best Flexible Cleaner: Shark ION 2X DuoClean ($400)

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