7 Ways You Can Save $1,000 by Christmas, If You Start Now

In 2017, an American Research Group survey found that American shoppers planned to spend an average $983 on holiday gifts. Though we don’t yet know what this year’s average will be, it will likely go up. Do you have an extra $1,000 stashed away for the holidays? If not, you’ve got six months to build your reserve. Here are seven ways you can save $1,000 by Christmas … if you start now.

1. Turn your clutter into cash

OK, I’m cheating a little bit with this one. But hey, you gotta make money in order to save money!

Explore the dark recesses of your attic, closets, and basement. What long-forgotten treasures could you liquidate for cash on eBay, Etsy, or Facebook Marketplace? List a few items each week. Depending on value and volume, you could easily accumulate $1,000 by Christmas. (See also: 12 Garage Sale Items That Sell Like Hotcakes)

2. Cut back on dining out

For many of us, cooking has become a casualty of our busy lives. According to a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, American families spent an average $3,008 dining out in 2015 (that’s more than $250 a month!). Replace takeout with “make-in” and you’ll save that $1,000 by Christmas. (See also: 12 Instant Pot Recipes That Will Save You Money)

3. Make water your beverage of choice

Though recent statistics are scarce, Time magazine reported in 2012 that the average American spends nearly $850 a year on soda and $1,100 on coffee. Oh, and don’t forget our other liquid…

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