Fast food is the best use case for technology

Fast food is the best use case for technology

Today, I want to talk about air sausage.

Earlier this week, our team was made aware that respected hot dog creator, Oscar Mayer, not only has a WienerFleet, but in order to celebrate summer’s start, is launching the Super Hotdogger, a JetPack-powered vehicle. It included “raw footage of Super Hotdogger flying over Southern California’s scenic water” — all in order to “get a better hot dog in every hand this summer.”

Seeing footage of this raw-dogging filled me with delight. That being said, I really love fast food. I’d even call it a passion.

What? You’re not as in love with the Super Hotdogger as I am? Here’s why your opinion is wrong.

Why I’m excited

Being a fervent lover of fast food has its drawbacks. The threat of diabetes, for one.

But there’s also judgment. Who would dare judge me, you may ask. PLENTY of people. Plenty of kale-munching, kombucha-swigging, acai-bathing people, who tuck under spinach blankets on their little tofu mattresses every night and dream about celery.

Ok, not that many people. But I’ve decided to get defensive over my love for fast food anyway.

Luckily, the tech industry is equally fascinated with fast food. Oscar Mayer’s latest addition to the WienerFleet is just the latest.

Pizza Hut, for example, has had a history of making delightful products. Last year, they made…

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