Listen to Stephen Hawking’s final message to humankind

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It’s hard to start any sort of Stephen Hawking article without sounding like you’re fawning all over the (now, sadly passed-away) theoretical physicist. He was a true lion of his time. His understanding of time, space, and physics, was so incredible that it could be many, many years until someone comes along that’s anywhere close to him. And he was humble enough to go back over his old work and update it, and even to (repeatedly) poke fun at himself. Not many super-brilliant dudes can say that.

On Friday, June 15th, Stephen Hawking was interred at the prestigious St Paul’s Cathedral in London next to Charles Darwin and Issac Newton. Directly following the service, a song featuring an edited version of his 2015 speech at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting and set to music by the German composer Vangelis was beamed into the nearest black hole, named 1A 0620-00, about 3,457 light years away. A copy of the song was also given to attendees at the service. A black hole is a fitting place for his voice to travel to: Hawking had spent much of his life researching black holes, and one can imagine that he’d be a little giddy at the news.

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As for Vangelis, he’s the guy that did the incredible Blade Runner score as well as the oft-imitated theme to Chariots of Fire.

Below (embedded) is the song, aptly titled ‘The Stephen Hawking Tribue‘. Quite honestly, it’s a stunning tribute. The message “Seize the moment… It can be done” is so needed, so necessary, so acutely accurate in these dark times, that it’s hard to listen to the whole thing without tearing up a little. I’ve copied…

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