Voices in AI – Episode 53: A Conversation with Nova Spivack

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Today’s leading minds talk AI with host Byron Reese

About this Episode

Episode 53 of Voices in AI features host Byron Reese and Nova Spivack talking about neurons, the Gaia hypothesis, intelligence, and quantum physics. Nova Spivack is a leading technology futurist, serial entrepreneur and angel investor.

Visit www.VoicesinAI.com to listen to this one-hour podcast or read the full transcript.

Transcript Excerpt

Byron Reese: This is Voices in AI brought to you by GigaOm. I’m Byron Reese. Today, I’m excited we have Nova Spivack as our guest. Nova is an entrepreneur, a venture capitalist, an author; he’s a great many other things. He’s referred to by a wide variety of sources as a polymath, and he’s recently started a science and tech studio called Magical in which he serves as CEO.

He’s had his fingers in all sorts of pies and things that you’re probably familiar with. He was the first investor in Klout. He was in early on something that eventually became Siri. He was the co-founder of EarthWeb, Radar Network, The Daily Dot, Live Matrix. It sounds like he does more before breakfast than I manage to get done in a week. Welcome to the show, Nova.

Nova Spivack: Thank you! Very kind of you.

So, let’s start off with artificial intelligence. When I read what you write and when I watch videos about you, you have a very clear view of how you think the future is going to unfold with regards to technology and AI specifically. Can you just take whatever time…

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