Voices in AI – Episode 54: A Conversation with Ahmad Abdulkader

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Today’s leading minds talk AI with host Byron Reese

About this Episode

Episode 54 of Voices in AI features host Byron Reese and Ahmad Abdulkader talking about the brain, learning, and education as well as privacy and AI policy. Ahmad Abdulkader is the CTO of Voicera. Before that he was the technical lead of Facebook’s DeepText, an AI text understanding engine. Prior to that he developed OCR engines, machine learning systems, and computer vision systems at Google.

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Transcript Excerpt

Byron Reese: This is Voices in AI brought to you by GigaOm. I am Byron Reese. Today our guest is Ahmad Abdulkader. He is the CTO of Voicera. Before that he was the lead architect for Facebook supplied AI efforts producing Deep Texts, which is a text understanding engine. Prior to that he worked at Google building OCR engines, machine learning systems, and computer vision systems. He holds a Bachelor of Science and Electrical Engineering degree from Cairo University and a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Washington. Welcome to the show.

Ahmad Abdulkader: Thank you, thanks Byron, thanks for having me.

I always like to start out by just asking people to define artificial intelligence because I have never had two people define it the same way before.

Yeah, I can imagine. I am not aware of a formal definition. So, to me AI is the ability of machines to do or perform cognitive tasks that humans can do or learn to do rather. And eventually learn to do it in a seamless way.

Is the calculator therefore artificial intelligence?

No, the calculator is not performing a cognitive task. A cognitive task I mean vision, speech understanding, understanding text, and such. Actually, in fact the brain is actually lousy at multiplying two six-digit numbers, which is what the calculator is good at. But the calculator is really bad at doing a cognitive test.

I see, well actually, that is a really interesting definition because you’re defining it not by some kind of an abstract notion of what it means to be intelligent, but you’ve got a really kind of narrow set of skills…

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