Amazing Facts About The Bible

amazing facts about bible

Whether you are a devout follower of the Bible’s teachings or have little interest in reading this ancient text, plenty of bible facts will spark interest in all audiences. From impressive yearly sales to embarrassing typos, this list of Bible facts is sure to teach you something new about this ancient book.

The Shortest Bible Verse is Two Words

While the Bible is well-known for being wordy and confusing to understand, there remains one verse that is short, sweet and to the point. Found in the New Testament, verse John 11:35 merely reads, “Jesus wept.”

Millions of Bible Sell Every Year

Each year the Bible is printed in thousands of languages around the world. With so much availability it’s no surprise that this religious text sells over 100 million copies per year.

The Bible Was Written in Three Languages

written in Hebrew
Image: CC BY 2.0, Stock Catalog, via Flickr

Most people are accustomed to reading the bible in one single language, but that’s not the way it was written. The books known as the Old Testament were originally written in Hebrew with bits of Aramaic thrown in. The New Testament was originally penned in Greek. These three different languages are representing the different times and places that the bible was written.

The Bible Had Over 40 Traditional Authors

Plenty of the books in the Bible are attributed to specific authors such as Moses and other prophets. However, when you break it down, the bible is known to have numerous authors totaling over forty in all. These authors came from diverse backgrounds including kings and criminals.

Only One Book in the New Testament Has Unknown Author

On the subject of authorship, the New Testament has a well-defined origin for each of its books except one. For centuries scholars have debated about who is responsible for penning the letter found in the book of Hebrews. To date, numerous potential authors have been brought forth including Paul, Apollos, and even Barnabas.

Bible Facts: God Killed More People Than Satan

According to the stories in the Bible, God is directly responsible for a far more significant number of deaths than Satan himself. In bible facts, in one story, God gives Satan permission to kill ten people. Although, if you consider the fact that Satan was initially an angel, this may be less surprising.

Parts of the Bible are a Dream Journal

We’ve all heard about the benefits of recording our dreams when we wake up in the morning. Apparently, the practice was common in the days of biblical writings as well. At least twenty-one dreams are recorded in the bible.

The Bible is Relevant to Three Religions

While most people associate the Bible with the different Christian faiths, the teachings found within are, in fact, relevant to two other religions as well. Both Judaism and Islam use instructions found in the Bible to inform their followers. Together the three religions are referring to as the “People of the Book.”

A Heretic Originally Translated the Bible into English

The bible was once only available in Latin and accessible mainly to Catholic church officials. However, John Wycliffe would work tirelessly in his lifetime to change that fact. While his life was somewhat eventful, Wycliffe did eventually translate the Bible into English. After his death, the Catholic church exhumed and burned his corpse deeming Wycliffe a heretic.

Many Bibles are Made in China

bible made in china
Image: Public Domain, GnuDoyng, via Wikimedia

China is well known as a leading producer of textiles and manufactured goods. But most people don’t realize that China is also the world’s largest producers of bibles. In 2012 alone the country’s only bible printer manufactured…

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