Five Tips and Tricks to Set Up In-Car Entertainment for Your Kids

Are we nearly there yet? How many times do you hear this on a road trip with the kids? Too often, right? In-car entertainment goes a long way to keeping your kids (and you) happy on long journeys, but there’s a lot to take in. We’ve come up with some valuable tips and tricks on exactly how to keep the kids entertained, and your sanity intact, while you travel.

Technology has come a long way from your childhood days of either staring out the window for hours on end or listening to music on a fairly ropey Walkman. That means there’s more for you to keep on top of though, and way more gadgets that require regular charging. The last thing you want is an irate child that’s tantalizingly close to their favorite form of entertainment but you’re out of charge or data.

With a few easy steps, you can circumvent such issues and simply enjoy a (relatively) peaceful trip. At least that is, until your kids get bored of the wealth of entertainment you’re throwing their way. Here’s some neat tips and tricks for slowing down the boredom train.

Mount Your Tablet or Nintendo Switch

One of the easiest ways to keep the kids happy is to hand over your iPad or Nintendo Switch. Either gadget will keep them occupied for many hours, with plenty of options of things to do. Your kids can opt to hold the device in their hands the whole time but a mount will make things so much easier. Even more so if they’re planning on watching their favorite shows on Netflix.

We’ve previously covered the best iPad mounts out there but you’d probably prefer one designed with car headrests specifically in mind. In which case, the iKross Universal Tablet Mount is perfect for such an occasion (and was our top pick for automotive tablet mounts). It fits pretty much any tablet you could think of, and you can slot your Switch onto it too. Mounting clamps keep things secure, and it’s easy to install and attach to your headrest.

Download Content Ahead Of Time

Your kids are desperate to watch Minions or Paw Patrol while on a long journey but oh no—there’s no signal. Or, even if there is a signal, you’re paying for the privilege of downloading the large video files on the road.

The best option here is to plan ahead. Download content in advance. Before you run out and spend more money buying content off iTunes, take advantage of the stuff you can grab for free from your existing services. Use Netflix’s offline mode to get ahead…

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