How Jamie Lee Curtis Sort of Saved a Guy’s Life at Comic-Con

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The San Diego Comic-Con presentation for the new Halloween was surprisingly emotional tonight, owing to its star’s passionate speech and an audience member’s surprising revelation.

Jamie Lee Curtis, who returns to the role of Laurie Strode for this new David Gordon Green-directed take on the venerable horror franchise — one that throws out all the other sequels and positions itself as a direct follow-up to the first film — said she found herself most engaged by the notion of a woman confronting her random attack many decades later.

“There comes a point where you say, I am not my trauma, the narrative of my life is that I am not a victim,” said Curtis. “This is a woman who has been waiting 40 years to say… I’m going to take back my narrative and you don’t own me anymore. And that, weirdly enough, seems to be a bit of a thing in the world today.”

Curtis brought up this week’s ESPYs ceremony, where more than 100 survivors of abuse from former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar took the stage together. “There are kids in the audience wearing Mario and Luigi hats so I’m not saying what I really wanna say,” Curtis noted from the dais, only referring to Nassar as an “M.F.” Still, she was inspired by the gymnasts’ resilience. “Those women stood there and said, ‘You do not control our narrative anymore.’”


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