SDCC 2018: Robert Kirkman Panel Recap

(Photo: Brandon Davis)

Robert Kirkman moderated his own panel, taking questions from the audience for its entirety. He apologizes for not having anything from the animated Invincible show headed to Amazon and he might have some footage next year.

The first question is about whether or not he will continue with the Secret History of Comics series. He has no plans for it but it is important to him.

How does he handle allowing a series go to TV or movies to change a bit.

“I don’t do that anymore, really,” Kirkman said. “I work in conjunction with anybody who is taking one of my properties to do something with it or I end up wrtiing it myself like I did with Outcast…I always think of the shows and whatever the source material as two completely separate things. It’s definitely connected but it doesn’t affect the original work in my mind. That’s why I’m always pushing to change things or do new things with whatever I do. I’m not very precious about the work. I want it to be good. I want it to be something that’s going to appeal to the fans that it might get adapted. I’m no so precious that, ‘This character has to say this line! If they mess this up I’m going to be very upset!’”

“Angela Kang, for instance, has got all kinds of really cool stuff cooking on the show and it’s another one of those times where I’m going, ‘I didn’t think of that! That’s fine.’ It’s really gratifying to see someone do it. I enjoy it.”

Does he plan on doing and feature films with The Walking Dead characters?

“I think that would certainly be a cool idea but there are no plans for that currently. If we were doing something like that, it’s not like I could announce it here!”

Will the Invincible animated series be viiolent?

“Yeah,” Kirkman said. “It is going to be as violent as the comic book series and as far as staying close to the original story, I’m writing the pilot and Im working very closely with Simon Cappioca to craft the series so it’s gonna be awesome.”

Is Negan going to play a bigger part in Season Nine of TWD?

“I don’t know, probably about the same, I think,” Kirkman said. “Did you feel like Season Eight was lacking?” … “I don’t think you’ll be missing Negan in Season Nine. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, doing an amazing job.

How does he balance all of his different properties?

“It makes doing a coherent panel somewhat difficult,” Kirkman joked. “It’s real stressful. It’s real nerve-racking. I talk to other comic book writer buddies about it. It’s like a weird addiction … I start to get kind of twitchy and it’s a real problem, just to get depressing for a bit. It’s just something that I love to do. Working on the other projects makes me more excited … [after working on other projects] I get more excited for Walking Dead … There are weeks sometimes where I get kind of tired and I don’t know what the next story is in a certain project … but then, luckily, something will happen and I’ll have an idea on one book … and it cascades into something else…”

What Invincible scenes is he really looking forward to being created?

“The weird stuff is what excites me,” Kirkman said. “I’m looking forward to the trash bag landing in London, the stuff that no one in this audience cares about! RTher’ers big epic stuff that every Invincible fan knows about that I would…

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