TIL : America has twice as many diagnosed ADHD child as any nation in the world

Flip that around. Imagine that your entire life is a fog, you’re constantly stressed about things you desperately want to remember but can’t, your school grades are barely passable when you have no trouble understanding the subject, your personal relationships are failing because you get frustrated with others and they don’t understand why you can’t just slow down and think. A simple doctors appointment is a full day plan otherwise you’ll miss it.

Imagine all that and then imagine there’s a pill that can help. Like, it really helps. You aren’t normal but you can sit still and your thoughts start to organise themselves. Then imagine that some people have a vendetta against that pill because it can also be abused, or because “kids will be kids!”.

All medicine is designed to bring people back to normal. A cast can help set a broken bone, chemotherapy can kill cancer… The end goal is a normal, working human. Singling out one specific illness because the treatment doesn’t make sense to you is heartless. A better understanding of ADHD is an amazing long term goal but until that exists we owe it to those actually suffering to make sure they’re getting their treatment, even if a few extra people abuse the system to get high.

Allowing them to reach a more developed/mature…

Sasha Harriet

Sasha Harriet

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Sasha Harriet

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