When Beach Wedding is Rained Out, Stranger Runs Up to Bride and Offers Up Her Home Instead

A person’s wedding day might be one of most memorable days of their entire life – so it can be pretty devastating if something goes wrong.

Dulce Gonzalez was experiencing this kind of devastation when a monstrous thunderstorm started pouring rain on her beach wedding.

The 24-year-old bride and her husband Ariel were determined to get married on the beaches of Pascagoula, Mississippi because that’s where they first met – and where they started seeing each other romantically. The couple was set to get married on the last week of June, but the weather had other plans.

Gonzalez and dozens of other wedding guests watched the rain come down from their cars, hoping that it would stop – but thankfully, there was someone else who was watching the situation unfold as well.

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Throughout the day, 67-year-old Cynthia Strunk and her husband had been watching the Gonzalez wedding preparations from their beach house. Since the Strunks first moved into the house in 1999, they have seen dozens of weddings take place on the beach, but they had never seen one get rained out before.

Heartbroken by the predicament, Cynthia ran up to the bride’s car, soaking wet and without an umbrella, and told Dulce to simply host the wedding in her beach home.

“The bride’s mother…

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