Good News in History, August 6

On this day 90 years ago, the artist Andy Warhol was born in Pittsburgh. A leading figure in the 1960s visual art movement known as pop art, his subjects included celebrities (Marilyn Monroe) and commerce (Campbell’s Soup Cans). He coined the widely used expression ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ and managed Lou Reed’s innovative band, The Velvet Underground. An iconic New Yorker, he died at age 58 following gallbladder surgery. Describing himself as a religious person, he regularly volunteered at homeless shelters, and to celebrate his birth, 90 cases of Campbell’s — or 1,080 cans — are being donated to the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank. WATCH a PBS short on Warhol and see a new book… (1928)

A new book and exhibition, Contact Warhol, is set to release more than 130,000 unpublished photographs offering insights into the king of pop art’s personal life, taken by the man who never went anywhere without a camera. Trivia fact: His most expensive painting, Silver Car Crash, was sold for $105 million dollars at auction. (Photo by Jack Mitchell, CC)

MORE Good News on This Day:

  • Bogota, Colombia was founded (1538)
  • Alfred Lord Tennyson, one of England’s most quoted poets, was born: “Tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all.” (1809)
  • The television…
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