This is what a technology skillset looks like

This is what a technology skillset looks like

Such a large proportion of any company’s value nowadays resides in intellectual property, that it is safe to say that keeping your workforce’s skills up to date has to be the cornerstone of any successful business strategy – especially for technology companies.

Letting those skills stagnate is the equivalent to not performing maintenance on essential equipment, and has arguably larger long-term impact on a modern company’s bottom line. The question then becomes how to make the process of constantly updating skillsets as frictionless as possible?

The answer partly lies in the idea of Growth Mindset pioneered by Stanford Professor of Psychology Carol S. Dweck, which teaches us that people who realise how the brain changes as it learns don’t perceive failure as a permanent condition, but rather as an essential part of that learning process.

Companies like Oracle actively advocate that failure is an essential part of an organic product development cycle, and key to creating a learning culture within any organisation that aspires to innovate. This is part of a broader shift towards employers perceiving learning as a permanent and central part of employee’s roles.

To support learning in a way that’s coherent with overall business strategy, however, those companies need to quantify the talent and skills already in their organisation, and then align this with their plans and product roadmap by providing personalized learning…

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