Wait, is it iPhone “XS” or iPhone “Xs”? 🤔

Apple just announced a trio of new phones with pretty silly names. On top of being kind of…not good names, they’re also confusing to type: is it iPhone XS or Xs? Xr or XR? So how do you actually capitalize these confusing names? We decided to take a closer look.

It’s worth noting that these names are some of the most awful Apple product names in years. They remind you of early-era Android phone names like “Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch” or something that Microsoft would put out. Saying them out loud is even more ridiculous.

So Are They Uppercase or Lowercase?

To figure out the proper answer, we started digging through the Apple website. At first blush, I assumed it was “Xs” and “Xr,” because of the casing used on the phone’s landing page, which deceptively looks like lowercase.

Yep, looks like Xs to me.

However! upon further inspection, Apple was using uppercase in places like its store. The plot thickens.

That’s most definitely an uppercase S…

So which is it? At this point, it seems like Apple is just as confused as everyone else. But that’s not the case (I got letter jokes, y’all)—the proper casing was truly revealed on the page for the iPhone XR:

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