Looking for a New Smartphone App? Here Are 15 That Some People Consider Must-Haves

We all get stuck in a rut sometimes, or simply stay within our own little circles in our own little worlds. But thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever to get tips and advice from strangers who’ve tried different things, and can therefore offer some pretty savvy advice when we’re looking for a change. So if you’re looking for a must-have smartphone app that’s new to you, the 15 people below have some ideas!


It’s Cornell University’s bird identification app. A quick five or six question form will help you identify any bird that you see.

It’s easy and amazingly quick.”

#14. Solidarity

“Die With Me- a public social media app, but you can only use it when you have 5% battery or less and you can only talk with others with 5% battery or less.”

#13. It also gives coupons

“Key Ring, instead of having 100 plastic loyalty cards on your key ring or in your wallet it keeps the barcodes on your phone. It also gives coupons.”

#12. Super helpful

“Oddly enough, Bubble Level.

It works just like a manual bubble level a carpenter would use. You can calibrate it on any horizontal surface even if the volume/power buttons offset your phone.

It’s been super helpful with hanging pictures with those Command strips since I’m not allowed to use nails in the apartment.”

#11. No more forgotten grocery lists

“Love Wunderlist. No more forgotten grocery lists or stuff like that. My wife and I just have a shared shopping list that we populate and clear as needed. So helpful.”

#10. For introverts

“Slydial. Lets you leave a voicemail without the person’s phone ringing, in case you don’t want to actually talk to them or just don’t have time.”

#9. Allllllll the time

“Genius scan to take pics of documents and convert to pdf and then email. I use it alllllll the…

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