These 5 Baby Tech Gadgets Rocked The Cradle At CES 2019

Black businessman with son in baby carrier texting on cell phone
Black businessman with son in baby carrier texting on cell phone Getty

The average middle-income family will spend an estimated $12,000 during baby’s first year, the USDA estimated in 2010. The average baby delivery alone can cost upwards of $11,000. So what’s a few hundred (or thousand) more dollars on some baby tech to ensure you know everything that happens from conception to contraction?

Since it’s never too soon to digitize your offspring, CES, the consumer tech show which launched Tuesday in Las Vegas, has an array of gadgets for want-to-be and expecting parents.

Proov Proov

First comes love, then comes the struggle of figuring out when is the best time to conceive. After years of struggling to carry a pregnancy to term, Dr. Amy Beckley took matters into her own hands and began tracking her hormone levels and realized a lack of progesterone was the issue. A prescription for the hormone, continued tracking of her ovulation and the pharmacologist found success and MFB Fertility. The fertility startup created the Proov at-home ovulation test that costs a fraction of the price and pain of IVF treatment.

Price: The Proov packets are available for $39.99 (7 test strips), $89.99 (21 test strips) and $69.99 (34 test strips + access to the Pearl fertility tracking app).



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Is it a cramp? A contraction? Is it time? Bloomlife is a wearable detection device that sticks to the belly to monitor contractions. Complete with an app that assesses the frequency, duration…

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