Women Wear ‘Smart Dresses’ To Prove How Badly They Are Groped In Public

Ever since the beginning of the #MeToo movement in 2017, numerous companies have been trying to jump on the wagon and address sexual harassment and/or feminism in their advertising campaigns. It’s no surprise that these companies are getting praised for using the publicity for a good cause. Recently, Swiss beverage company Schweppes teamed up with Brazilian advertisement agency Ogilvy and decided to work on their new campaign called ‘Dress For Respect,’ aimed at shedding light on the sexual harassment of women in Brazil.

‘Dress for Respect’ is a smart dress, designed with powerful sensors, that are triggered when the wearer is touched

The smart dress was made to sense and track when and where the person wearing the dress was touched. The campaign was made to shed light on the serious issue of sexual harassment and non-consensual public touching.

The video of the ad opens up by indicating the statistics from 2016 of harassment in Brazil’s nightclubs

It states that the staggering number of 86% of Brazilian women have been harassed in clubs. As for other types of harassment, according to Agência Brasil, wolf-whistling is the most common form of public harassment of women (77%), followed by staring (74%), sexual comments (57%) and…

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