Arduino v Raspberry Pi: Battle of the eTitans

The annual Humble deal featuring our amazing collection of Arduino and Raspberry Pi ebooks is upon us once again, running from today through Monday, March 4. You can snap up over $300 of Make:’s best wisdom on the subject of microcontrollers for as little as $15. It’s emphatically in your best interest to check it out.

But then what do you do? After all, figuring the different uses for a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino can be a head scratcher. Naturally, you want both — but they do different things. With all of our best books on both subjects available in one cool deal, you’re going to be ready to build a robot, monitor near space, auto-water your plants, help your kid bug her bedroom against her sister, and fairly shout, HELLO WORLD.

This super simple guide will help you get started. And when we say “super simple,” well, we’re making things unnecessarily complex.

Courtesy of Tech Uni
Courtesy of Tech Uni

What is the difference between the two?

An Arduino is a microcontroller motherboard. A microcontroller is a simple computer that can run one program at a time, over and over again. It is very easy to use.

A Raspberry…

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