Daughter Tweets Powerful Story About The Importance Of Body Autonomy And Women Everywhere Respond

‘Choice’ is a word that comes up frequently when discussing gender equality. A woman’s right to choose if she wants to work or stay at home, what she wears or the most hot button topic of all – choice over her reproductive rights. Body autonomy is something that men take for granted but when you have people making laws or even doctors standing in your way it is something that women cannot choose to ignore. Recently one woman tweeted out a thread telling the story of her mother, who had to battle some serious risks all because she wasn’t given the right to choose.

Online user Salome Strangelove, is a lyricist and poet began the thread on her mother by sharing that even she hadn’t heard the heartbreaking saga until she was almost 40-years-old.

The author and all of her siblings were a surprise to her young mother, writing “She hadn’t planned to get pregnant with me. She didn’t plan any of her pregnancies, in fact, but she was unaware that her birth control was frequently being rendered ineffective by medication.”

For this reason, doctors should always ask their patients if they are taking any other medications. Medicines contain an enzyme called the P450 system which helps process hormones in birth control such as the pill, patch and the ring. However other medicines can intervene by breaking up the hormones too fast – resulting in pregnancy.

Following the traumatic ordeal, her mother asked if she could get a tubal ligation “her tubes…

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