Join me in Portugal for a one-week chautauqua about money and life!

In 2013, I traveled to Ecuador for a sort of experiment. Host Cheryl Reed and mastermind Jim (J.L.) Collins had organized a chautauqua, a gathering of two dozen folks who wanted to discuss financial independence, early retirement, and finding purpose. My pal Pete Adeney (better known as Mr. Money Mustache) and I joined Jim and Cheryl as presenters. We spent a week at a centuries-old hacienda talking about money and life.

Jim and Val get to know each other at Chautauqua 2013

That first chautauqua was awesome — not only for the attendee but for us presenters as well. To this day, those of us who attended that first chautauqua go out of our way to see each other as we travel the U.S. When I did my short tour of the Southeast last spring, for instance, I stopped in Kentucky to watch horse races with Amy, whom I met at that first event in Ecuador. Here we are at Keeneland:

Amy Finke and J.D. Roth watching horse races at Keeneland

In 2014, I returned to Ecuador to present at my second chautauqua. This time, my co-presenter was David Cain, the deep thinker behind Raptitude. (If you’ve never read it, Raptitude is perhaps the best blog on the internet. It’s all about getting better at being human.)

In 2016, David and I returned for yet another Ecuador chautauqua. This time, we were joined by Leo Babauta from Zen Habits. Once again, the experience was incredible. This group bonded as a family — warts and all — more than any chautauqua before or since. We bonded so much, in fact, that most of us came together for a reunion in Salt Lake City this past November. We have an ongoing group video chat where we’re in constant communication, and we hope to get together often in the future.

Having fun with local schoolkids at Chautauqua 2016

Chautauqua 2019

As you might have guessed, all of this is prelude to an announcement: I’m pleased to report that I’ll be returning as a speaker for Chautauqua 2019. From September 28th to October 5th, I’ll be in Portugal’s Douro Valley presenting on leading a purpose-filled life.

It’s not just me, of course. Other presenters include founder Jim Collins, Kristy and Bryce from Millennial Revolution, and Alan Donegan, founder of PopUp Business School. And it’s not just this week. There are three additional European chautauqua to choose form this year.

For new readers, this whole…

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