Fake Love’s Layne Braunstein: To Survive the Future, Be Upgradable

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When we set the theme for our 2019 conference — The Creative Future — we imagined a future where creative skills are more pervasive and prized, and how that might reshape the world around us. As we prepare for the event in May, we’re asking our speakers to share a skill they think is important for all creatives to navigate what’s to come.


Layne Braunstein is the co-founder of Fake Love, the New York Times creative studio behind incredible multisensory experiences for clients including Samsung and Nordstrom. Braunstein will be at the 11th Annual 99U Conference taking place May 8-10 in New York City.

Q. What is a skill you believe to be futureproof?

A. I have worked in every possible industry as a creative— agency, post-production, TV network, gaming, brand side, media, and startup—so the first skill I’ve cultivated is the ability to pivot without fear. That means the ability to change an idea, a project, or even my career when it’s needed. I never pivot without looking towards the future; I gather a deep understanding of what’s next and take a giant leap forward into the void.

The second thing is to never stop learning your craft. I aggressively look for new ways to express myself and tell stories for my clients. I never pitch anything that I don’t understand how to mostly make myself. And I can’t do that with a Google…

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