Lucky Dented Penny That Saved Soldier’s Life During WWI Comes to Light 100 Years Later


A dented penny which saved the life of a British soldier by deflecting an enemy bullet during World War I has come to light after 100 years.

Private John Trickett kept the penny in the top breast pocket of his soldier’s uniform as a poignant reminder of home during the conflict – and it proved to be his lucky coin when it took the impact of a German bullet on a French battlefield in 1914.

An enemy soldier had aimed his weapon at Pt. Trickett’s heart, but the penny deflected the danger and ultimately saved his life.

It was kept by the serviceman as a reminder of how he stared death in the eye during the war, which claimed 10 million soldier’s lives including those of his two brothers.

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The bent penny, which was minted in 1889 and passed down through his family for generations, is now set to be sold at auction.

Trickett’s granddaughter, 63-year-old Maureen Coulson from Duffield, Derbyshire, said: “Everyone in our family saw the penny and heard the story of how it saved my grandfather’s life.

“His two brothers, Horace and Billy, both died in the First World War. My grandad was the only survivor.


“My grandad was born in 1899 and would have been around 19 years old when the incident happened,” she added. “He had to come home because of the injury. It damaged his left-hand side and left him deaf in his left ear. It also affected his balance.

“We think it’s likely he signed up to serve in the…

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