Mom’s Positive ‘Review’ Of 2-Month-Old Baby With Down’s Syndrome Goes Viral

After difficulties conceiving and a failed round of IVF, Jessica Egan and her husband had been all over the place when they learned they were pregnant. However, 11 weeks into their parenting journey, a blood test revealed that the little girl growing inside Jessica was positive for Trisomy 21. Down syndrome.

“At that moment I felt extreme devastation,” Jessica told Mamamia. “All I could think when I received the diagnosis was that my baby wouldn’t be as accepted and celebrated as everyone else’s had been. From three sets of twins to Down syndrome?… I spent the next three days at home in tears, afraid to tell anyone the news.”

But as time went by, things began to change. Jessica and her husband contacted their local Down syndrome foundation and started educating themselves about the diagnosis that roughly 1 in every 700 babies are born with. The exact number varies depending on the region, though. For example, as Down Syndrome Australia notes, the number is closer to 1 in 1,100 babies in their area.

“We began to realize that Down syndrome was nothing to fear, and when our baby [Gwendolyn] was born, we were overwhelmed with love for her.” After spending two months raising their precious little daughter, Jessica wrote an incredibly sincere ‘review’ of her and posted it to Facebook.

“When I placed my order I said, ‘Regular amount of chromosomes, please!’ That’s what…

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