When Two Sons Could Not Be With Their Dad for His Birthday, They Took Out a Billboard Asking for Help

An amused father has been given a very singular birthday gift courtesy of his two cheeky adult sons.

Since Chris and Mike Ferry both live in Florida, they were sad that they could not be with their father in Linwood, New Jersey for his special day.

As kids, they would always celebrate their devoted dad’s birthday by going out to dinner and alerting the restaurant staffers of the special occasion so they would “make a fuss” on his behalf.

Because they could not continue their mischievous tradition, however, they decided to recruit some outside help.

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Their father, Christopher Ferry, was oblivious to their plans until last week when he woke up to a text message from a number he did not recognize.

“Thursday morning, I got a text that said ‘Happy Birthday,’ and I said, ‘Who’s this?’” Ferry told CBS3. “‘Nick.’ ‘Nick who?’ ‘Oh, you don’t know me.’ ‘How do you know it’s my birthday?’ ‘I read it on a billboard.’”

Sure enough,…

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