17 Words That Are Their Own Opposites

I love words – they’re fun, fascinating, and can make you feel super smart when you pick just the right one! The 17 words below are a special type of word called ‘contronyms‘ – words that are their own antonyms – and that makes them pretty sweet, if you ask me!

#17. Dust

You can apply dust or remove dust, depending on the context – are you dusting crops or furniture?

#16. Weather

It can mean “to withstand or come safely through,” as with a storm, or conversely, “to be worn away.”

#15. Continue

We generally use it to mean to persist in doing something, though in the legal system, it means to stop a proceeding, if only temporarily.

#14. Out

It means both visible (the moon was out) and invisible (the lights are out).

#13. Screen

It means…

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