How to Do Glitter Roots

Glitter roots are the latest party and festival style! This fun and fabulous hairstyle is quick and easy to do, and it uses only a few different products. Begin by styling your hair down, in space buns, or in braids before you get to work on the glitter. Then mix together clear hair gel and chunky glitter to create a glitter gel. Apply the glitter gel to your parting and enjoy your new look! To remove the glitter, simply use hairspray and paper towels, or wash it out with olive oil.

  1. 1 Part your hair down the center for a simple glitter roots style. Comb your hair free of any knots or tangles with a rattail comb and then use the end of the comb to create a straight parting down the center of your scalp. Begin with the end of the comb at the center of your hairline and gently draw it backward, through the middle of your head.[1]
    • This simple hair down style is great if you want to do glitter roots quickly.
  2. 2 Do space buns for a popular glitter roots look. Glitter roots with space buns is a new twist on a favorite retro hairstyle! Part your hair down the center and tie it into 2 pigtails. Twist each pigtail and coil it into a bun that rests flat on your head. Tie each bun with a hair elastic and use bobby pins to secure any flyaway strands.[2]
    • Space buns are usually done quite high up, just above your ears. However, you can experiment with different heights to see what style you prefer.
  3. 3 Create 2 braids for a chic glitter roots look. Comb your hair and create 2 braids with 1 on each side of your head. There are plenty of options to choose from, such as regular braids, French braids, or fishtail braids. Any braids that create a parting in your hair will work well with glitter roots.[3]
    • Spray your braids with hairspray once they are complete to keep them secure.
  4. 4 Try a temporary hair color to help your glitter roots stand out. Get a bright, pastel hair shadow, chalk, or mist to add to your style. Follow the manufacturer’s directions closely and apply the temporary color to your parting after you have styled your hair. The temporary color will simply rinse out when you wash out your glitter roots.[4]
    • Adding a temporary color product is great if you want to achieve a bold, pastel look that can easily be removed when you’re ready.
  5. 5 Use a pastel hair dye to create a bold look with your glitter roots. Pastel hair dyes and glitter roots are a popular festival combination! Pick a pastel pink, purple, blue, or green dye depending on the color that you prefer. Bleach your hair first and then mix the dye with white conditioner. Use a tinting brush to add the mixture to your hair, making sure to create an even coating, and then rinse the dye out of your hair once the specified time is up.[5]
    • Alternatively, visit a hair salon to get your hair professionally dyed.
    • You can match your hair dye to the glitter…
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