We Illustrated The Most Bizarre Food Rituals And Traditions From Around The World (7 Pics)

Traveling around the globe can be an eye-opening experience, especially when it comes to local traditions. Often, many of these traditions revolve around food and there are certainly a lot of bizarre food rituals out there.

The guys over at Amica International have been doing some research and a lot of what they found is definitely not for the faint of heart!

So, whether you fancy throwing wine over each other in Spain, or drinking cow’s blood straight from the wound with the Maasai tribespeople in Kenya, there’s no shortage of weird and wonderful things to get your teeth into (literally!).

KFC Christmas dinner in Japan

This is a relatively new “tradition” in the grand scheme of things, but an unusual one all the same. In Japan, Christmas isn’t as revered as it is in the western world, though they do still celebrate it in their own way. Since 1974, KFC Japan has produced the “Special Christmas Dinner” which many families (estimated to be over 3.5 million) treat themselves to on December 25th.

The popularity of the festive meal, which includes, chicken, cake, and wine, means that it often requires ordering weeks in advance. Those who don’t order, have to wait in line to get their hands on one, sometimes for hours.

The last meal of the dead in Indonesia

Image credits: Amica International

In the Sulawesi region of Indonesia, when a member of the indigenous Toraja people passes away, they’re not buried or cremated… at least not straight away anyway. Nope, in fact, it is customary to keep the loved one’s dead body around for a few weeks, months, or, in some cases, years, before they’re laid to rest.

This includes keeping their place at the table. The husband/wife and children will speak to them as well as provide food four times a day—breakfast, lunch, dinner, and mid-afternoon tea. This tradition is thought to have originated in the ninth century and is still practiced today.

Drinking cow’s blood in Kenya

You might need a strong stomach for this one! Blood drinking is probably one of the more obscure traditions but actually serves a purpose. Historically, drinking the blood of cows helped traveling tribespeople cross the vast deserts of Africa when food and water were in short supply.

The warriors of the Maasai tribe still practice this ritual today, either as a delicacy mixed with milk or directly from the veins of the cow. The cow isn’t usually killed, however, exceptions are made at big ceremonies where the animal is passed around.

The Maasai people…

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