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How to Download Recordings from Your Netgear Arlo Cameras

How to Download Recordings from Your Netgear Arlo Cameras.
Netgear’s Arlo camera system automatically records video whenever motion is detected, and you can view those video recordings in the Arlo app.
Netgear keeps Arlo camera recordings for up to seven days if you don’t pay for a subscription plan, which is usually more than enough time to watch them before they disappear.
Open up the Arlo app on your phone and tap on the “Library” tab at the bottom.
Select a date toward the top to find a specific recording.
Dates with green dots underneath them indicate days that motion-detected video was recorded (plus, you can’t select dates that don’t have green dots anyway).
Once you find the video that you want to download and save, there are two different methods for downloading.
The second method for downloading a recording is by going back to the main Library screen and tapping on the ellipses next to the video that you want to save.
From there, select “Download”.
As with the first method, the video will take a few moments to download (depending on the size of the video) and will be saved to your phone’s photo gallery, from which you can do whatever you want with it at that point.

The Best Apps to Use With Automatic Pro

The Best Apps to Use With Automatic Pro.
Ask Alexa About Your Car Automatic Pro has its own Amazon Echo skill that lets you find out information about your car from any Alexa-enabled product in your home.
Say ““Alexa, ask Automatic how much gas I have,” to find out if you’ll need to fill up the next time you leave the house.
Automatic Pro’s Nest app can help with this.
Automatic’s Nest app has a special feature that allows you to precondition your house on the drive home so it’s ready by the time you get there, using your location at work and traffic data to gauge how long it will take you to get home.
For example, you can schedule your Nest to start warming up the house when you leave work between 4PM and 8PM.
You can connect to the Nest app for Automatic Pro here.
Use IFTTT and Stringify to Connect Your Car to the Rest of Your Digital Life IFTTT and Stringify can both connect to Automatic Pro for some pretty powerful automation.
Head here to connect UnMooch to Automatic.
RescueTime can connect to Automatic to log just how much time you spend driving.

How to Play Bluetooth Audio from Only a Specific App on the Galaxy S8

How to Play Bluetooth Audio from Only a Specific App on the Galaxy S8.
Bluetooth 5.0 is so cool.
It lets you do things with Bluetooth audio that have been on our wish lists for a long time—like separate the audio from a specific app (say, Music) and only play it over a Bluetooth connection, keeping other media audio (like navigation sounds) on the phone.
Here’s what it is and how to enable it.
Once you’ve selected both the app and output device, everything should be set.
Just to make sure, however, go ahead and start playing something from the app you selected above, then pull down the notification shade again.
Tap on “Audio Output,” and make sure “My phone” is selected—this will basically ensure that your selected app is the only thing that can send media audio to the Bluetooth device, and all other apps will play through the phone.
Note: Notification audio isn’t the same as media audio, so this will still come through the Bluetooth device.
It’s also worth noting that if at any point you have this particular Bluetooth device connected and want another app (outside of the pre-selected on in Separate Sound App) to play media audio over Bluetooth, you’ll have to select your Bluetooth device as the primary output source.
You can easily do this while the device is playing audio by pulling the notification shade, tapping “Audio output” and selecting your currently-connected Bluetooth device.

How to Delete Conversations in the Alexa App

How to Delete Conversations in the Alexa App.
If you want to keep your conversations list in the Alexa app from getting out of control, here’s how to delete certain conversations that you’re no longer participating in.
With the new calling and messaging features brought to Alexa, there’s now a new Conversations screen in the Alexa app that’s very similar to your phone’s own text messaging app.
And just like with your stock messaging app, you can delete certain conversations in order to clean it up a bit.
To start, open up the Alexa app on your phone and tap on the small speech bubble at the bottom.
Find the conversation that you want to delete.
To delete a conversation, swipe to the left on the conversation and then tap “Remove”.
The conversation will immediately be deleted.
Repeat the process for any other conversations that you want removed.
Keep in mind that you won’t be able to recover deleted conversations, so make absolutely sure that you want to delete a certain conversation, because you won’t be able to get it back.

How to Share Your Nest Cam Feed with Someone Else

How to Share Your Nest Cam Feed with Someone Else.
If you want someone else to check in once in a while, you can share your Nest Cam feed with a simple, password-protected link.
Click on your camera’s feed.
Click the Settings gear icon in the top-right corner.
Click “Camera sharing” button in the Settings menu.
Here, you can choose whether to protect your Nest Cam feed with a password.
If you choose “Share publicly”, your feed won’t be posted anywhere, but anyone with the link will be able to watch.
Make sure it’s a strong one you can remember.
On the last screen, you can copy and share the link to your Nest Cam.
If you need to change the password to your camera, or stop sharing your camera, you can do that on this screen now or in the future.

The Cheapest Ways to Stream NHL Hockey (Even If You Don’t Have Cable)

If you’re like me, you watch hockey, and…basically no other sports.
Here’s a quick cost breakdown for US residents: If you follow your local team (that is, the team based in the city where you live), you can watch every game of the regular season and playoffs for $25 a month using cable replacement Sling TV, though you may need to spend $5 extra the first month of the playoffs for CNBC.
If you follow an out-of-market team (that is, a team from a city other than where you live), you can watch most games of the regular season with a $130 annual account, and watch any nationally broadcast games with a $25 a month Sling TV account (again, you may need to spend $5 extra in the first month of the playoffs for CNBC access.)
Watch Regionally Broadcast NHL Games in the USA with Sling TV During the regular season, the vast majority of NHL games involving US teams are broadcast on Regional Sports Networks (RSNs).
If you’re a fan of a team that’s local to where you live, you need access to your local sports channel.
Watch Nationally Broadcast NHL Games Online in the USA with Sling TV NBC has the national broadcast rights to NHL games in the USA, and most of the games they broadcast nationally are on NBCSN, their cable-only sports channel.
The NHL owns the NHL Network, so you would think games on that channel would be offered on their streaming service.
If you’re an out-of-market fan, and you really don’t want to miss any games broadcast on NHL Network, Sling’s Sports Extra package is the cheapest deal here.
If a local game isn’t broadcast nationally, you won’t be able to watch it on GameCenter.
If you want to watch your local team’s games, you either have to get cable, stick to only watching national broadcasts, or move.

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