The Super Bowl’s Super Ad Spending

Super Bowl commercials have always been intriguing. We can’t help but wonder how companies pulled off those ideas. How long did they prepare it? How much did they pay for the actors? How much did it cost them? And the most intriguing question: was it worth the expense?

According to a Carnegie Mellon University Professor Michael D. Smith, Super Bowl is one of the last remaining ways to reach a mass audience. No doubt business titans would do everything…

How big is Amazon? [Infographic]

One of today’s largest and well-established tech giants, Amazon has been providing their customers quality service for years. From books, appliances, apparels, furniture, to the latest gadgets, we all run to Amazon to buy what we need. Seems like the tech titan has become part of life—it’s hard to shop without them.

With Amazon’s continuous growth, we can’t help but wonder how big their company is. How many employees have they? How do they…

The Dirtiest Surfaces in Hotel Rooms

If you head out of town during peak travel season, the odds of you running into an overly filthy hotel room go up. With turnover high and capacity spilling over, stained sheets and bug infestations aren’t uncommon.

But even reputable hotels can harbor some truly unsettling bacterial guests. Online trip calculator recently conducted a study…