Too many stinkbugs spoil the wine

A stinkbug on a grape
BUGS INTO WINE When marmorated stinkbugs (Halyomorpha halys, shown) get stressed, they release a chemical known to ruin red wine.

How many stressed-out stinkbugs does it take to spoil a batch of wine? More than three per grape cluster, new research says.

Stinkbugs are a pest among vintners because of the bugs’ taste for wine grapes and namesake foul smell. When accidentally harvested with the grapes and fermented…

Uncork Bottles With This Gun-Shaped Wine Opener

Opening a bottle of wine with a run-of-the-mill opener isn’t always the most graceful pursuit, and even some of the fancier devices are clunky and difficult to use. Now you can avoid the fuss and bring a little Wild West magic to your next bottle share with the wine opener gun by WineOvation.

The cordless device works just like a normal electric wine opener, but it’s cleverly disguised like a…

11 Gifts for the Wine Lover in Your Life

Drink in these options, from classy to quirky, for the wine enthusiast in your life.

The topsy turvy twists in this glass wine decanter aren’t just for decoration. The design creates a double aerating effect—once when you pour the wine into the decanter, and once when you pour from the decanter into your glass. The twists and turns allow for extra aeration, so it makes for a great bar accessory as well as a simple, useful centerpiece.

For the aspiring sommelier on your list, this stylish wine flight is ideal for hosting a DIY wine-tasting. The flight comes equipped with four miniature carafes that can hold 4 ounces of wine displayed on an elegant wooden platform made from repurposed French oak wine barrel stave. It’s a gift that’s both elegant and eco-friendly.

Packed with facts about champagne’s history and present-day production trends, But First, Champagne will give the wine-lover in your life a new appreciation for the drink usually—and unfairly—relegated to celebratory sips. Food and Wine called it “a comprehensive, smartly-written guide” and your grateful friends will likely call it “an excuse to drink champagne after New Year’s Eve.”

Upgrade their dinner parties with these wine glasses that double as a musical instrument. To create music, fill each glass to the desired note (marked on each glass to make a full A scale), before slightly wetting your finger and running it…

‘Game of Thrones’ Wine Is Coming This Winter

On HBO’s Game of Thrones, characters guzzle copious amount of wine (presumably to wash away all the traumatic memories of betrayal and bloodshed). If you’ve ever dreamed of sipping and scheming with Tyrion, or getting sauced with Cersei, Entertainment Weekly reports that you can soon do so vicariously from the comfort of your own couch, with a new GOT-inspired wine line.

Vintage Wine Estates, a winery in Santa Rosa, California, has partnered with HBO to produce three types of Game of Thrones-branded wine: a “proprietary red blend” and a chardonnay (both $20), along with a cabernet sauvignon ($40). No official release date has been announced, but the New York Daily News reports that the wine will hit…