Atomic Blasts And Other Thoughts On Twin Peaks, Part 8

Atomic tests, time loops and New Mexico all made for the most unusual episode of Twin Peaks ever.
As Ray looked on in horror, the shadowy men seemed to make Bad Coop’s situation worse.
He also glimpsed BOB somewhere inside Bad Coop.
Ray skedaddled as quick as he could to call Phillip Jeffries, but never looked back to see Bad Coop get up.
Were the shadowy men born in the White Sands atomic test in 1945?
But, to add one more question, is Jeffries aware of BOB in particular or has he always been looking for shadowy men?
Any actor can, ultimately, play him.
The shadowy men themselves finally carved a place for themselves in the story.
Of course, since the entire episode felt like a spice-dream from Lynch’s Dune, it is hard to tell if they are also Black Lodge creatures or some whole new element.
It also seemed that time worked differently there, with a golden Phantasm ball appearing with Laura’s face inside of it.

Twin Peaks Part 8 react: Wow, BOB, wow!

It also has to do with a movie theater in a castle on a mountain in a purple ocean in space.
The bad Cooper woke up where Ray left him, but only after a performance by… “The” Nine Inch Nails.
They moved a little bit like the woman from the Purple Room, outside the usual flow of time.
A golden light emerged from his mouth.
Inside of this orb: Laura Palmer.
In the desert, the charred figures of the Woodsmen appeared.
One Woodsman in particular kept asking: “Got a light?
And the young boy and girl had just found a penny with Abraham Lincoln’s head pointed up to the sky.
He killed the secretary and the radio man, digging in their faces until his fingers bled.
The Woodsman walked back into the desert.

Michelle Obama’s Tribute To Chance The Rapper Literally Moved Him To Tears

Michelle Obama’s Tribute To Chance The Rapper Literally Moved Him To Tears.
It’s one (rather humbling) thing to be honored with BET’s Humanitarian Award ― it’s another to be praised by Michelle Obama and to have her call you a friend.
Chance donated $1 million to public schools in his hometown of Chicago in March, led campaigns to give outerwear to Chicago’s homeless and even led a march to Chicago voting polls on Election Day 2016.
His list of social deeds can go on for days, which is probably why he was able to get a shoutout from our favorite first lady.
“We are so incredibly proud of you, Chance,” the former FLOTUS began.
“Chance is showing our young people that they matter, they have something inside of them that is worthy of being expressed.” The Morning Email Wake up to the day’s most important news.
After declaring a love for black people, Chance went into a spiel about how this country can start making things right.
“I had plans originally to try to tell the world and everybody watching how to make it a better place,” he said.
“To tell everybody in this government that y’all need to let everybody out of jail for selling weed before y’all start making it legal for people to sell it and make capital off it,” he continued, making pointed eye contact with the camera.
He then had the nerve to say he doesn’t yet feel the award is deserved.

Chance the Rapper Is Youngest Person Ever to Accept Humanitarian Award at 2017 BET Awards

Chance the Rapper Is Youngest Person Ever to Accept Humanitarian Award at 2017 BET Awards.
Chance the Rapper was honored with the Humanitarian Award at the 2017 BET Awards tonight for “positively impacting both local and national communities.”
It was a big night for the young star, who took home Best New Artist earlier in the night.
He created his own path to the charts and took that same creativity to help children,” Lee said. “He’s not afraid to speak out for people who can’t speak for themselves.”
I didn’t think it was going to be this crazy.”
The humble star added, “I am 24 and to be receiving something like this at my age…it feels a little early to get something like this but my God doesn’t make mistakes and I like to think that he’s putting this enormous pressure on me to see how I react.”
Past recipients of the BET Humanitarian Award include Al Sharpton, Quincy Jones, and Muhammad Ali.
And as if you couldn’t love him more, Chance brought his mom along to the star-studded award show.
Other honorees include New Edition as the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the award show, which is currently in its 17th year.

How blockchain-based apps and sites resist DDoS attacks

Just last year, experienced the largest recorded DDoS attack, which came disguised as traffic designed to resemble generic routing encapsulation (GRE) data packets, a communication protocol used to establish a direct, point-to-point connection between network nodes.
Even though Bitcoin is a truly open network, its protocol has warded off several attempts made to attack this network.
When it comes to a DDoS attack, the blockchain has protections to ensure transactions can continue even if several nodes go offline.
Ethereum currently has 34,051 nodes; Bitcoin has 7,524.
Each attempt to solve the block requires the miner to calculate a hash value for the block.
They call these attempts a hash, and the speed with which they can make these attempts is called their hash rate.
This is possible if you own 51 percent of the mining capability (hash rate), but it’s extremely expensive.
Yet despite this the Bitcoin core network has remained secure.
Blockchain nodes can run consensus algorithms – if several nodes are offline, others continue – even if they were taken offline by a DDoS attack.
From an IoT botnet perspective, running Ethereum or Bitcoin mining on a IoT device would give you such a low hash rate it would be virtually meaningless.

‘One size fits all’ investing is limiting innovations in East Africa and India

‘One size fits all’ investing is limiting innovations in East Africa and India.
Despite all of the hype, most startups in India and East Africa are failing to attract the investment capital they need to grow and scale.
For example, although startup investment in East Africa is at an all-time high, in the past two years 72 percent of venture capital went to only three startups.
There are three major barriers to scale for entrepreneurs in East Africa and India.
Investors in India and East Africa tend to seek Silicon Valley-style timelines for returns, along the lines of a 10x return in three to five years through equity investments.
Yet the on-the-ground reality for these startups makes such expectations unlikely.
In East Africa, for example, there are very few mid-sized companies that could acquire startups.
Human capital.
As one example, the Argidius Foundation and the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs teamed up to fund five initiatives to improve human capital ecosystems.
These barriers all relate to a one-size-fits-all mentality that is bad for companies, who miss out on capital, and bad for investors, who miss out on high-potential ideas that need more time, cash, and support to grow.

Flash a Light Bulb, Win a Prize

Flash a Light Bulb, Win a Prize.
Judging from the list of entries in the 2017 Flashing Light Prize, so far only seven.
But we suspect Hackaday readers can add to that total.
The system actually has to power the bulb’s filament, so no mechanical shutters are allowed.
Other than that, the sky is the limit — any voltage, any wattage, any frequency and duty cycle, and any circuit.
Some of the obvious circuits, like an RC network on a relay, have been tried.
But we assume there will be points for style, in which case this sculptural cascading relay flasher might have a chance.
Rube Goldberg mechanical approaches are encouraged, as in this motor, thread, stick and switch contraption.
What the heck, your chances are great right now, and it’s enough for a few pints with your mates.
Thanks to [db] for the tip.

Netflix cancels ‘Girlboss’ after one season and Sophia Amoruso reacts on Instagram

Netflix cancels ‘Girlboss’ after one season and Sophia Amoruso reacts on Instagram.
Netflix latest cancelation victim: ‘Girlboss.”
The streaming service will not move forward with another season of the comedy, The Times has confirmed.
Amoruso reflected on the news in an Instagram post Saturday night: “So that Netflix series about my life got canceled,” she wrote.
It will be nice to someday tell the story of what’s happened in the last few years.
Ppl read the headline, not the correction, I’ve learned.” “Girlboss” is the latest series to reach its end on Netflix.
Baz Luhrman’s “The Get Down” and the Wachowski sisters’ “Sense8” were also canceled by the streamer in recent months.
In discussing the cancelation of those shows while at the PGA’s Produced By conference earlier this month, Netflix’s chief content officer, Ted Sarandos, offered this reasoning: “Relative to what you spent, are people watching it?…
A big, expensive show for a tiny audience is hard even in our model to make that work very long.”

Get All The Pics Friends Take At Your Wedding (Or Any Other Event) Instantly With This App

Sure, event photographers are great, but what about all those pictures your wedding and party guests are taking on their smartphones?
If you get your guests to download this app first, you’ll get all their photos instantly, and everyone can still snap pictures using the regular camera app on their iPhone or Android device.
Once they install it on their phones and complete a super-quick signup process, then you’re good to go.
All you have to do is set a start and end time (from an hour to a week in time) for the photo capture.
When it comes time for the main event, all your guests will get a text message on their phone reminding them that all photos and videos they take from that point forward will be shared automatically.
Then when they snap shots on their phone the same way they always do, Veri will grab them and add them to the collective album.
Sharing can be toggled on and off at any time so you can pause it when you want to take a private shot, and in the event that guests do share an unwanted pic, it can be deleted from the group album by the person who accidentally shared it (hopefully before everyone else at the party sees it).
All the photos and videos are then added to the app where everyone can see them as well as a web photo gallery.
If you’re somewhere with reception, you can even set up a display somewhere that shows all the photos being captured in real time.
Everyone can remember to download an app before the wedding (or while they’re waiting for the ceremony to start), and since the only technical part is the download and sign up, your guests will have plenty of time to get tech support from their wife/son/neighbor before the event.

Erin Andrews, ex-NHL player Jarret Stoll marry in Montana

Erin Andrews, ex-NHL player Jarret Stoll marry in Montana.
NEW YORK (AP) — Sportscaster Erin Andrews and former NHL player Jarret Stoll have tied the knot.
Publicists for Andrews confirm that the 39-year-old Fox Sports sideline reporter and ‘‘Dancing with the Stars’’ co-host married Stoll on Saturday, his 35th birthday.
People magazine first reported the nuptials.
According to the magazine, the wedding was held at sunset in Montana in front of a small group of family and friends.
Andrews wore a gown designed by Carolina Herrera.
The couple, who started dating in 2012, got engaged in December at Disneyland.
In September 2016, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, months after winning a stalking lawsuit.
She settled with two hotel companies that were found partially to blame for the stalker, who got a hotel room next to hers and posted nude video of her on the internet.
Stoll played in the NHL for 13 years, for Edmonton, Los Angeles, Minnesota and the New York Rangers.

3 reasons Southeast Asia is a great place for developers

However, if a developer wants interesting work, there’s another place to look: Southeast Asia.
Mobile phone penetration in the region is already at 110 percent, and Internet penetration, though still low, grew by more than 10 percent in 2016.
You’ll be working on some of the world’s most innovative mobile apps.
What makes Southeast Asia mobile-first?
An app that gets you motorbike rides from point A to B isn’t just a ‘good-to-have’ in Southeast Asia.
Developers in Southeast Asia are helping accelerate financial inclusion by building lightweight banking apps that can run on cheap, entry-level Android smartphones — often the only type poor rural people can afford.
When developers talk about “quitting my job and moving to Southeast Asia,” they’re probably thinking of a lifestyle in which they code from a laptop for a few hours a day and then hit the beach.
You don’t even have to live in Southeast Asia anymore to work for a Southeast Asian company.
As the Southeast Asian tech economy picks up steam, more startups from the region are expanding internationally.
Global TV startup Viki has offices in the U.S., and my own company has an R&D center in Seattle.

Hackaday Prize Entry: Modular Circuits with SnapBloks

Hackaday Prize Entry: Modular Circuits with SnapBloks.
[Ekawahyu Susilo]’s twist on the modular circuit kit, SnapBloks helps you create circuits by stacking components on top of each other with the help of three magnetic contacts that not only keep the modules stuck together but also deliver power, ground, and data to each part.
[Ekawahyu] envisioned it as a prototyping kit, used to whip together an idea without a lot of hassle.
It could also be an educational aid, used to teach Arduino coding while skipping the confusing tangle of wiring.
You can stack a sound module on top of a power module to make a buzzer, or attach power to a wheel Blok to make a robot.
With version 2 of the project [Ekawahyu] updated the look with color-coded shells, with pink signifying input Bloks, green for output, orange for communication, and blue for power.
Each Blok has a Arduino chip inside — an STM32, which Hackaday reviewed back in March.
For version three, he hopes to leverage the ESP8266 to make a WiFi-enabled Blok.
[Ekawahyu]’s idea of having a cheap SMD Arduino in every module seems like a smart way to simplify module creation—no “controller block” needed!

Playful’s Paul Bettner is betting on both ‘flat screen games’ and VR

In the meantime, Playful took the world and characters of Lucky and created a deeper platform game for the console.
Back when we debuted that game a couple of years ago at E3, we got way more attention than we otherwise would have because it was something people hadn’t seen before.
GamesBeat: How different is this from the VR game?
Most of the levels were similar – different environments, but you start at point A, collect some things, go to the end of the level.
Bettner: For Lucky’s Tale, we had this idea that third-person character action open world platforming games could work in VR.
When we put those in the game, some people looked at those and said, “That’s a lot more like these other games we like, these 2D side-scrollers.” Those folks basically pitched us all on the idea of making a whole game out of that.
Our idea was, can you make a 2D side-scrolling game work in VR?
GamesBeat: People thought Microsoft would do something big.
VR is only a year old, really.
What I’ve been expecting for a while now is that the companies investing in this technology and building devices—they’ll give it a couple years before the next generation.

Make Homemade Dunkaroos and Relive the 1990s

Make Homemade Dunkaroos and Relive the 1990s.
For the dip 1 box of “Funfetti” style cake mix — seriously 6 oz.
You need a good crunch without being too puffy, as well as a secret ingredient.
That, and a pile of sugar dip.
Add the egg and vanilla and mixed until combined.
Like most doughs, it can keep a day or two in the refrigerator or be frozen.
I lost count of how many I got from this dough using a 1” round cutter.
Bake the cookies until the edges are golden brown, about 5-7 minutes.
The cookies will begin to bake immediately upon touching the hot pan, and that’ll throw off your timing completely.
For an even sweeter variation on the cookies, you could glaze them once they’ve cooled.

Sony: Resident Evil 7’s PSVR success ‘was a big surprise to us’

Sony: Resident Evil 7’s PSVR success ‘was a big surprise to us’.
Five months on from launch and Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 is still the biggest game to come to Sony’s PlayStation VR so far.
In fact the sheer number of people playing in VR has been a surprise even to Sony itself.
Talking about the importance of emphasising Sony’s new headset at shows like last week’s, he revealed that the company was seeing big successes in unexpected places.
That was a big surprise to us.” Ryan’s answer suggests that the number of people that played RE7 inside VR is even bigger than the 232,293 that are currently listed on Capcom’s stat-tracking service.
Players have to opt-in to this service for their stats to be attributed, so it’s likely there’s a good deal more VR players that haven’t opted in.
At the end of April it was revealed the game had sold 3.5 million units.
We gave it 9/10 in our review.
“By uniting elements from the past, such as the slow pacing, focus on exploration, mind-bending puzzles, and desperation for survival, with the pulse-pounding first-person gameplay of the recent era of horror games, Capcom has crafted a veritable modern classic,” Games Editor David Jagneaux said.
“Resident Evil 7 embraces virtual reality as a medium and proves that you don’t have to cut corners or make sacrifices to create a compelling VR experience.”

Get over 1.1 million graphics at your fingertips — for only $31

Get over 1.1 million graphics at your fingertips — for only $31.
Ask any art pro…finding a stockpile of quality vector graphics to incorporate into your own projects is worth its weight in gold.
They’re high quality, they’re versatile, and with their host of customization options, they’re able to liven up virtually any graphics assignment with minimum adjustment.
With a two-year subscription to VectorState (available now for only $31, 80 percent off, from TNW Deals), you’ll likely never have to search out the perfect graphic element again — because Vector State offers a library of over 1 million graphics to choose from.
Over 1.1 million, to be exact — with more added each and every month.
That is an astronomically large number of fully rendered, fully adaptable, fully impressive illustrations, logos, icons and other graphics waiting for your use.
From those million-plus graphics, you’ll have access to download and use 1,800 elements over your 24-month subscription offer.
Each comes with original EPS files to assure you not only have complete control to modify or re-work any image, but a lifetime royalty free license to use that work to fuel your creative process.
Once you start poking around in VectorState’s humongous archive of images, including everything from infographics and backgrounds to cartoons, silhouettes and even inspirational templates, you’ll have all the pieces needed to start work on virtually any graphics project.
Two years of VectorState access usually costs over $160, but by getting in on this limited time deal, you can secure a mountain of top-quality graphics for just $31.

The Artful Escape of Francis Bendetti: Hands-on impressions

The Artful Escape of Francis Bendetti: Hands-on impressions.
It’s a music platform game where you play a budding musician named Francis Bendetti.
Johnny Galvatron, creator of the game at Beethoven & Dinosaur, said in an interview with GamesBeat that he was inspired in part by David Bowie’s persona, which was just as creative as the music itself.
“That’s one of the main themes behind the game.
“I want it to feel powerful, like you’re jamming together with creatures and coming together with the resulting chords.
In the game, you run sideways and jump into space.
As you hurtle through the air, you can press buttons and make the music blast.
You can jump and hang in the air and hear a guitar chord at the same time.
You get through the woods and run into a huge creature that looks like a spider.
It’s a little goofy, but what else do you expect from an Australian guy named Johnny Galvatron.

Fleeting Thoughts

Fleeting Thoughts.
If we make a solid wooden frame with the sentence written on its front, and the time-scale on one of its sides, if we spread flatly a sheet of India rubber over its top, on which rectangular co-ordinates are painted, and slide a smooth ball under the rubber in the direction from 0 to ‘yesterday,’ the bulging of the membrane along this diagonal at successive moments will symbolize the changing of the thought’s content in a way plain enough, after what has been said, to call for no more explanation.
Or to express it in cerebral terms, it will show the relative intensities, at successive moments, of the several nerve-processes to which the various parts of the thought-object correspond.
He was grappling with the stream of consciousness, the notion that thought is a flowing stream rather than a distinct chain of ideas, and with the realization that studying this by introspection is ultimately futile: “The rush of thought is so headlong that it almost always brings us up at the conclusion before we can arrest it.
Or if our purpose is nimble enough and we do arrest it, it ceases forthwith to be itself.
… The attempt at introspective analysis in these cases is in fact like seizing a spinning top to catch the motion, or trying to turn up the gas quickly enough to see how the darkness looks.”

Another Helping Hands Build

Another Helping Hands Build.
[Punamenon2] wanted a soldering station with integrated helping hands.
He couldn’t find one, but he decided it would be a good 3D printed project.
Total cost?
In addition to holding the Frankenstein monster together, the 3D printed structure also provides a storage tray with special sloped edges to make removing small screws easier.
Usually, we see these builds using machining coolant pipe.
To fit the alligator clips to the tripod, [Punamenon2] had to drill some holes in the arm, whereas the coolant hoses are easy to work with.
We were a little disappointed to not find the STL files for the base, but on the other hand, you’d probably have to customize it for whatever parts you had on hand anyway.
We also wondered if the base ought to have a place to fill it with sand or something for weight.
Of course, you can find plenty of similar builds on Thingiverse, including printable arms, if you want to borrow a few parts for your design.

Pics That Will Make You Laugh Even If You Don’t Want To

Pics That Will Make You Laugh Even If You Don’t Want To.
But there’s a special kind of funny pic shared online that won’t take no for an answer- pics that make you laugh whether you want to or not. “I’d like you to paint me a cat.” “A cat.
You do know what a cat is, right?
You’ve seen a cat?” “Uh, yeah. — Stephanie Boland (@stephanieboland) May 3, 2017 Seeing a waiter using a comically large pepper grinder, a painting of a cat with ridiculously long legs or a foot with fingers for toes may squeeze a chuckle out of you, but don’t be embarrassed.
Am I the only one who charger look like this?

Animated Bathroom Sign

Once upon a time, pants were created.
After a while, women were allowed to wear them too.
This has made a lot of people happy and been widely regarded as a good thing.
There is a problem, however – bathroom signage is largely predicated on the idea that there are two rigid genders which all humans must be sorted into, and they’re defined by whether you’re wearing pants or a dress.
[Robb Godshaw], among others, disagrees with this, and set about building a gender fluid bathroom sign.
This is likely to initially confuse – one might imagine the bathroom is actually changing its gender designation rapidly, forcing users to complete their business in an incredibly short timeframe.
The sign is built with 3D-printed components, using a crank mechanism to actuate the moving parts.
The mechanism is designed to give equal time to the pants and dress configurations.
It’s particularly tidy the way the mechanism is integrated into the parts themselves.
In true hacker style, the motor is a standard microwave oven turntable motor, which can be harvested easily from a junk appliance and can be plugged straight into mains power to operate, if you know what you’re doing.

Youth Melts Internet Hearts, Escorting Fearful Senior Down the Escalator

Youth Melts Internet Hearts, Escorting Fearful Senior Down the Escalator.
This photo of a 23-year-old helping a frightened senior down an escalator is restoring people’s faith in humanity.
The image was posted by Paula Piccard at the Holyoke Shopping Mall of Ingleside, Massachusetts, and has since been shared across social media.
While others were getting impatient over his hesitance, young Alonzo Johnson asked how he could help the senior.
“The older man was paused at the top of an escalator and a few people started gathering, waiting to get on,” wrote Paula.
“It was clear he was feeling unsure and this young man offered the simplest kindness: an out-reached arm and a ‘can I help you on, sir?’” The older man explained how he once got caught on an escalator, leaving him with an everlasting phobia of the moving stairs.
Without hesitating, however, Alonzo said that he would ride with him all the way to the bottom.
Paula then snapped a photo of the heartwarming duo riding the escalator arm-in-arm, and posted it on social media.
“In about an hour, the evening news will air and we’ll be reminded of division, race wars, political mud-slinging, shootings and other heartaches,” wrote Paula.
“But today, violence, race, age, politics and other social lines were blurred and one person simply helped another.

Homeless Man Gives His Shoes to Diner In Need of Attending Wife’s Birthday

Imagine driving for over an hour to meet your wife at a restaurant for her birthday dinner, only to be turned away at the door for not wearing the proper footwear.
Akbar Badshah, who drove from Bradford to a Manchester restaurant, was especially distressed by the rejection because his fasting for the holy season of Ramadan had prevented him from eating during the day.
As he was panicking outside of the restaurant, he struck up a conversation with a homeless man named John.
When they discovered that their sizes matched, Badshah offered to give him £10, along with his own sandals, in exchange for John’s boots.
John turned down the money and happily volunteered to swap shoes with the hungry husband.
According to the BBC, John said he was “just happy to help out another human being”.
Once Badshah enjoyed a wonderful meal with his wife, he exited the restaurant and reunited with John so they could switch shoes once more.
Badshah pushed for John to take the money several more times until he finally accepted.
Badshah plans on returning to the restaurant and treating John to a meal as another way to thank him for his generosity.
(WATCH the video below) Kick Off The Good News: Click To Share – Photo by Akbar Badshah

Two Surgeons Collapse On The Floor After 32-Hour Surgery

Two Surgeons Collapse On The Floor After 32-Hour Surgery.
The operation involved three surgeons, six anesthesiologists, and eight nurses.
From Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. until Sunday, surgeons worked with great patience at the operating table.
According to the Chinese newspaper the Global Times, this was the longest operation ever undertaken at Fujian Medical University Union Hospital.
We needed to remove both tumors in one surgery.
This required six different surgical procedures to be conducted on the patient.
It can be difficult, risky, and time-consuming.
If you are removing one tumor, and the other one breaks, it can be fatal.”
During the operation, the doctors took only short breaks, and even the patient’s family worried whether the surgeons could handle the physical strain.
But it all turned out well in the end.

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