How to Disable the Unified Inbox (and Grouped Folders) in Outlook 2016 for Mac

How to Disable the Unified Inbox (and Grouped Folders) in Outlook 2016 for Mac.
By default, the folder list in Outlook 2016 for Mac is grouped into similar folders, which means that folders that are common to all your accounts, such as Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items, and Deleted Items, are grouped together.
The Inbox folder at the top of the folder list combines messages received in the inboxes for all your accounts, and then each separate inbox is listed below that.
This allows you to quickly and easily check all your email without having to scroll to access your other accounts.
NOTE: The On My Computer folder is used for POP accounts.
Messages from all POP accounts are downloaded into this folder and stored locally on your computer.
Under Folder list, uncheck the “Group similar folders, such as Inboxes, from different accounts” box.
Now, all the folders for each account are listed with the other folders for the same account, instead of grouped with similar folders from other accounts.
One benefit of disabling the grouped folders is that when inbox folders are grouped under the separate accounts, the messages are split into time frames to make it easier to find emails from a specific day or time frame at a glance more easily.
If you use, you can also combine all your email addresses into one inbox.

Nightly Combines Your Hotel Bookings to Save Money on Lodging

Nightly Combines Your Hotel Bookings to Save Money on Lodging.
Lodging makes up a large portion of your travel budget.
For example, you may be able to save money by booking multiple hotels, and Nightly makes it easy to search accordingly.
The search engine works like any other hotel search tool except that it looks for combinations of two different hotels to help you save money.
Here’s how the site put it: Hotel switching is a fantastic way for you to grab the biggest and best hotel savings for your trip.
Using a high-speed, proprietary algorithm, our service compares all combinations of stays across two hotels, finding the most cost-effective way to split a hotel stay, without compromising on quality or convenience.
When you book an individual hotel, some nights of your stay might be more expensive than others, increasing your total price.
If you don’t mind switching hotels mid-stay, it’s an easy way to save extra cash.
Check it out for yourself at the link below.

8 No-Brainer Ways to Save More Money

8 No-Brainer Ways to Save More Money.
So we asked money-saving experts what small tweaks we can make to our daily lives in order to sock the most money away.
You can drastically cut your grocery bill if you buy fruits and veggies during their harvest seasons.
You don’t need to clip coupons in order to take advantage of store discounts, Livesey says.
“I did this deal myself, and it required no coupons,” Livesey says, explaining that she bought 12 boxes which lasted for six months until the next big dishwasher tablet sale.
Livesey uses envelopes of cash for her weekly purchases: everything from gas to groceries to dog grooming.
“It’s much harder to use cash than it is to pull out your credit card,” she says.
According to Smart401k, “A typical matching situation is: The employer matches 50 percent of employee contributions for the first 6-percent-of-salary that an employee contributes—so the company will not match more than 3 percent of the employees’ salary.”
Have a vacation on the horizon?
“That means they are the lowest price you will find on those items.”

The True Staycation: How to Holiday in your Home Town

The True Staycation: How to Holiday in your Home Town.
But how about taking your staycation one step further and actually taking a holiday in your home town?
Take a week to get to know the surrounding area like a tourist would and you might find some amazing gems hidden close to home.
Here’s the best way to take a true staycation and see another side to the place you live.
Try restaurants and bars you’ve never visited Eating out is a must on your staycation; this is a holiday after all.
Take the time to visit a couple during your staycation to sample the arts culture in your local community.
Watch a sports team Another popular activity when on holiday is to go and watch a local sports team.
So now is the perfect time to do the same thing in your home town.
Once again, it’s a good idea to choose a sport you wouldn’t usually watch.
If not, you can always find a local spa where you’ll find a huge variety of treatment options.

Speaking Mandarin may offer kids a musical edge

Kids who speak Mandarin, the primary language in China, may outperform kids who speak English in at least one aspect of musical ability — perceiving pitch.
That’s the finding of a new study.
In tonal languages, such as Mandarin, pitch is very important.
These languages use different pitch patterns to give meaning to words.
The English language uses vowels and consonants to change the meaning of a word.
She works at the University of California, San Diego, where she studies how the brain perceives language and music.
The children listened to pairs of sounds.
Some, for instance, had differences in how low or high a sound was.
The new study is the first to do that in children. “Showing the link in children suggests that it only takes a few years of experience with a tonal language to see effects,” says Creel.

How to Quickly Adjust Which Facebook Notifications You See

It’s great then, that on Facebook for iOS and Android, there’s a really quick and handy way to manage notifications you don’t want to see.
There’s also a web option, though it isn’t quite as good.
On iPhone and Android Open the Notifications tab in the Facebook mobile app.
This will bring up the options for the notification.
For friends’ statuses you’ve commented on, you can turn off notifications when other people comment.
For a lot of things like game invites, page invites, and so on you’ll get a generic Manage Notifications pop up.
You can still hide and turn off some notifications, but you won’t get the wide range of options you sometimes get on mobile.
Three little dots will appear.
Rather than being able to configure exactly which posts I get notifications from in the Seasonaires of Val Thorens group, I can only choose to get notifications from my friends.
I’ve found this to be a really quick way to stop invites to annoying games and quizzes but your mileage may vary.

Flashback Friday: 23 Mental Tricks That’ll Help You Save Money

Flashback Friday: 23 Mental Tricks That’ll Help You Save Money.
It turns out that the whole “mind over matter” thing also applies to money.
Everywhere we turn, we are encouraged to spend, so in order to combat those urges, you need to trick your own brain into withstanding that pull.
5 Savings Tricks You Haven’t Tried Yet — Hiding money from yourself and taping a goal to your credit card are just a couple brilliant ways to trick yourself into spending less money on things you don’t need.
5 Mental Habits That Make the Rich Richer — If a goal of yours is to become filthy rich, you might as well learn from how the rich are currently managing their money.
Once you learn what’s holding you back (like these mental biases) you can learn to think differently.
The One Thing That Will Help You Actually Save Money — It’s all about positive encouragement.
But it’s so much more than leaving yourself notes with smiley faces on them when you skip your morning latte.
Using this tool, you’ll love yourself and your bank account so much more.
Think Like a Maze Runner — In order to wrangle that debt and get better at saving money, sometimes you need to think like a character in a post-apocalyptic novel.

8 Most Common Mistakes When Doing a Balance Transfer to Eliminate Debt

This post contains references to products from our advertisers.
Many credit cards offer 0% APR promotional financing on balance transfers, allowing you to move debt from high-interest cards onto one that offers zero interest for an introductory promotional period.
Assuming You’ll Get the Best Balance Transfer Deal You might not always be approved for the balance transfer card you want.
For example, the best 0% APR deals are only given to those with excellent credit.
Trying to Transfer a Balance From the Wrong Card Consumers sometimes don’t realize that you can’t transfer a balance between two cards issued by the same bank.
That means you’ve got two balances on the card: the interest-free transferred balance and the new purchase balance.
But they can apply your minimum payment to whichever balance they choose, which of course will be the one with no interest charges.
Bottom line: It’s best not make new charges on the balance transfer card unless it offers interest-free financing on new purchases as well.
Paying Late It’s always important to pay your bills on time, but it’s even more so with promotional balance transfer offers.
See also: 5 Ways to Pay Off High Interest Credit Card Debt

9 Surprising Uses for Empty Beer and Soda Cans

9 Surprising Uses for Empty Beer and Soda Cans.
The humble aluminum can has a multitude of uses, and can save you money on the most surprising things.
(See also: Beer Donuts and 11 Other Recipes You Can Make With Beer) 1.
If the can already has a really great design, you don’t need to wrap it at all!
You can make one out of an empty beer or soda can, and it works incredibly well.
There are hundreds of different items at home that can be organized inside empty cans.
You just have to cut the top off the can at the height that works best for you.
Some people simply cut out parts of the empty can’s design into interesting shapes, like teardrops or ovals.
Just make sure all the edges are safe, especially if you have kids in the house.
Make Some Impressive Chainmail If you are into historical re-enactments, attending Renaissance Fairs, or want to make some extra cash on the side, you can use the pull-tabs from your beer and soda cans to create chain mail.

Morning Cup of Links: NASA’s New Plasma Rocket

A physicist/astronaut is on his way to unveiling a plasma rocket.
* Kenya’s Tsavo West National Park has seen no rainfall at all since last June.
Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua spends hours every day driving a truck to waterholes in the park to make sure elephants, zebras, buffalo, and antelopes have enough water to survive.
* The 18 Indie Games You Need to Play in 2017.
Most haven’t been released yet.
* Siberian tigers at a wildlife park in China spotted the drone that was recording them.
After a short chase, they caught their prey -and tried to eat it!
* Is It Okay to Enjoy the Warm Winters of Climate Change?
Just wait until summer and see how you like it.
* Five Moments That Prove Batman is as Insane as the Joker.

Which Roku Should I Buy? Express vs. Stick vs. Premier vs. Ultra

Here’s a very quick summary of the various devices currently offered by Roku: Roku Express, $30.
Roku Express+, $40.
This is the cheapest Roku you can get that supports 4K output.
Roku Premier+, $100.
Here’s a quick roundup of the features offered: Support for full HD video: 1920 by 1080 pixels (1080p) Connects via HDMI Dolby Audio via HDMI 802.11 b/g/n wireless connectivity (no MIMO) Voice search and private listening using the Roku mobile app (but not using the remote.)
And there are a few more features here that the Express doesn’t offer: A quad-core processor.
Just to make things confusing, the Roku Premier doesn’t have one feature that the Streaming Stick does: the point-anywhere Wi-Fi remote.
The $100 Roku Premier+: HDR and Ethernet Compatible For $20 more than the Premier, the Roku Premier+ is probably going to make watching 4K a lot better.
If you paid for a 4K TV with HDR compatibility, there’s really no reason not to spend the $20 for a Roku with the feature, and ethernet connectivity is going to make streaming 4K content a lot easier.
If you want 4K video with HDR support, the Premier+ is the best buy here.

Newly identified continent Zealandia faces a battle for recognition

Lurking beneath New Zealand is a long-hidden continent called Zealandia, geologists say.
Unlike the other mostly dry continents, around 94 percent of Zealandia hides beneath the ocean.
“If we could pull the plug on the world’s oceans, it would be quite clear that Zealandia stands out about 3,000 meters above the surrounding ocean crust,” says study coauthor Nick Mortimer, a geologist at GNS Science in Dunedin, New Zealand.
Story continues below image New world order A landmass called Zealandia (gray region) deserves to join the ranks of continents, geologists propose.
Zealandia is also spatially distinct from nearby Australia thanks to an intervening stretch of ocean crust.
“If Zealandia was physically attached to Australia, then the big news story here wouldn’t be that there’s a new continent on planet Earth; it’d be that the Australian continent is 4.9 million square kilometers larger,” Mortimer says.
No minimum size requirement exists for continents.
He proposes that an intermediate term could help bridge the gap between microcontinent and full-blown continent: mini-continent.
The definition would cover Zealandia as well as other not-quite-continents such as India before it plowed into Eurasia tens of millions of years ago.
Recognizing Zealandia as a coherent continent would help scientists piece together ancient supercontinents and study how geologic forces reshape landmasses over time, Mortimer says.

Chart the Evolution of Nintendo’s ‘Zelda’ Franchise

Chart the Evolution of Nintendo’s ‘Zelda’ Franchise.
The Zelda franchise is one of Nintendo’s crown jewels.
The original game—1986’s The Legend of Zelda—was one of the most important action-adventure titles of the early console generations.
As the years, and technology, have progressed, the series has always been at the forefront of change.
1992’s A Link to the Past pushed the limits of the SNES with a wide scope and sprawling story; 1998’s Ocarina of Time showcased a vast, detailed world and deep gameplay mechanics; and 2003’s The Wind Waker proved that cartoony, cel-shaded graphics could be just as impressive as any photorealistic title on the market.
To chart the visual evolution of the Zelda franchise, Matinee Multilingual—a voiceover, translation, and subtitle company—has put together an infographic that looks at every title from the NES original all the way to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which will launch alongside the Nintendo Switch on March 3.
Check it out:

7 Beginner Machining Tips, Learned the Hard Way

7 Beginner Machining Tips, Learned the Hard Way.
I’ve, only completed one project so far.
As you can see in the video above, I’ve already gotten a lot of beginner mistakes out of the way.
This method has worked well for me in laser cutting, machine embroidery, learning instruments, 3d printing and many other things.
However, when it comes to machining metal, those beginner mistakes can be a bit more dangerous and more costly.
My software thought my enmill was thinner than it actually was, causing an issue in the results Learn your feeds and speeds This is the most important.
I started off with some nice brass (or possibly bronze) and aluminum that I wanted to make something out of.
Design is something that I’m not a complete beginner at.
This means that I am going to make many beginner mistakes.
There are lots of things that I could have avoided, had I taken the time to study, but I’m one of those people that has to go make a few mistakes first, just to see that everything isn’t going to magically fall in line and be easy.

8 Animals That Are No Longer Endangered

8 Animals That Are No Longer Endangered.
Now, there are just under 2000 giant pandas left in the world—a 17 percent increase since 2002.
Here are eight other animals that have fought their way back from oblivion—with a lot of help from protected status, conservation laws, and dedicated biologists.
They were protected and bred for more than a hundred years, and there are now a robust 20,000 white rhinos in the wild.
In the 1970s, however, when it was discovered that there were only about 140 left, the grizzly was placed on the Endangered Species List in 1975.
They’re doing so well, some say they should be taken off the endangered species list.
The operation has been enough of a success that three subspecies of island fox have been removed from the endangered species list.
One remains on the list but has has been reclassified as “threatened.”
Thanks to cooperation between governments and conservation groups in restoring wetlands in the southern U.S., the wood stork population is back up around 6000.
There is only one true kind of wild horse left on the entire planet—and that’s Przewalski’s horse.

Watch Live as People Reenact The Beatles’ Abbey Road Crossing

Watch Live as People Reenact The Beatles’ Abbey Road Crossing.
by James Hunt When The Beatles were photographed using the zebra crossing outside of Abbey Road Studios for their album of the same name, they probably had little idea of the effect they’d have on the area in the decades that followed.
Since that fateful photograph was taken in 1969, the Abbey Road zebra crossing has become so iconic that it has been Grade II listed—meaning it can’t be demolished, altered, or extended without special permission from the government.
It has, in effect, become a permanent feature of London.
(And yet, as the BBC points out, the crossing appears to have been moved from its original spot decades ago.)
Over the past near-half-century, the crossing has played host to scores of people reenacting the Fab Four’s footsteps, from wannabe bands attempting to emulate their heroes to former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who was widely mocked for trying to appear cool as he strolled across Abbey Road.
Of course, the number of tourists who’ve checked a visit to Abbey Road off their travel bucket list is increasing every day.
Thanks to the installation of a webcam in the famous studios, you can even watch it happen in real time.
If you happen to be looking at the crossing during UK daylight hours, especially in the summer, you probably won’t have to wait long to see fans from all over the world making their pilgrimage—often to the irritation of those trying to drive down the road.

How To See Colors That Don’t Exist

How To See Colors That Don’t Exist.
Are we condemned to a life of boring blues and requisite reds?
Firstly, let’s get it out of the way … technically, magenta doesn’t exist.
There’s no wavelength of light that corresponds to that particular color; it’s simply a construct of our brain of a color that is a combination of blue and red.
Our eyes have receptors called cones for three different colors: red, green, and blue.
For example, a combination of red and green makes yellow.
However, if the eye reports the red and green receptors are being stimulated, the brain also processes the absence of blue.
This is not only important for being able to interpret colors instantaneously, it also allows the brain to correct for different color temperatures.
So by exploiting these facts about how our eyes work, and exposing our eyes to bright primary or secondary colors, we can saturate the corresponding cones and thus block out other signals.
Looking then at the opposite color on the color wheel will then produce a color that is oversaturated—this color is technically imaginary.

London’s Jewish Museum to Host an Amy Winehouse Exhibition and Art Trail

London’s Jewish Museum to Host an Amy Winehouse Exhibition and Art Trail.
Nearly six years after Amy Winehouse’s death, the Jewish Museum in London is honoring the artist’s life with an exhibition and art trail in her home borough of Camden.
As Konbini reports, the show—titled “Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait”—will open at the museum on March 16 and run until September 24, 2017.
Works that were co-curated by Winehouse’s brother Alex and sister-in-law Riva explore the artist’s Jewish heritage, her connection to London, and the influences on her music.
Photographs portray Winehouse at different stages of life, from adolescence to her rise to fame as a young adult.
The exhibition also showcases some of her personal possessions, including clothing and ticket stubs, and a chart of her family tree. “Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait” was shown in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, and Vienna after premiering at the Jewish Museum.
The exhibition’s return to London will be accompanied by a street art trail of Winehouse-themed pieces.
Work by artists Captain Kris, Mr Cenz, Philth, and Amara Por Dios will lead through Camden Town to the museum’s Welcome Gallery.
There, visitors will see “Love Is A Losing Game” by the street artist Pegasus, an installation named after a song from Winehouse’s hit album Back to Black.

Here’s How Long You’re Contagious When You Have a Cold

Here’s How Long You’re Contagious When You Have a Cold.
Sooner or later, cold or flu germs are going to take up unsolicited residence in your system.
And next to the sneezing and coughing, anxiety over passing it along to friends and family might be the most unpleasant part of being sick.
According to MedicalNewsToday, the answer is: pretty much.
Cold viruses provoke symptoms like coughing and sneezing, which allow the germs to spread via surface contact or inhaling airborne particles.
Even though symptoms might diminish over time—a cold might last three to 10 days—you can still spread illness as long as you’re sniffling or wheezing.
The flu behaves in much the same way, though symptoms tend to be much more severe than with a cold.
While you’re most contagious the first three or so days, you can infect others for as long as you have symptoms (the flu generally runs its course in two to 10 days).
You’re unlikely to spread germs before you start feeling ill yourself, although the Centers for Disease Control advises that there might be a day before symptoms begin when you’re shedding the virus.
If you can’t help but be near others while sick, try to contain germs by coughing into your hand, washing your hands frequently, and using a new tissue every time you wipe your nose.

Naked Juice Will Change Its Labels to Accurately Reflect Ingredients

Naked Juice Will Change Its Labels to Accurately Reflect Ingredients.
Naked Juice is getting a makeover, following a lawsuit alleging that the brand’s labels are misleading consumers.
Naked Juice’s parent company, PepsiCo, denied the claim by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a consumer advocacy group.
In October, the group filed a suit on behalf of customers in California and New York who had purchased popular flavors, including Kale Blazer and Green Machine; a settlement was reportedly reached on February 14.
According to the CSPI, Naked Juice’s labels list the drinks’ main ingredients as fruits and vegetables, when their predominant ingredient is actually apple or orange juice.
They also argued that the “No Sugar Added” tagline obscures the fact that the drinks are actually filled with sugar—thanks to the inclusion of apple and orange juices—and that they don’t visibly reveal that they are “not a low-calorie food,” per the Food and Drug Administration’s rules.
The imagery on the labels is also dishonest, the CSPI said: “Labels for Naked Juice Kale Blazer feature leaves of kale and other leafy greens and two cucumber slices,” the group pointed out in a statement.
“…The primary ingredient in Kale Blazer is orange juice.
The third ingredient is apple juice.
And nowhere on the Kale Blazer labels or other marketing materials are oranges or apples pictured.” Naked Juice isn’t going to change the ingredients in its drinks, but the company has agreed to overhaul its labels to meet the CSPI’s standards.

When Is a CPU’s Cache Flushed Back to Main Memory?

SuperUser reader CarmeloS wants to know when a CPU’s cache is flushed back to main memory: If I have a CPU with two cores and each core has its own L1 cache, is it possible that Core1 and Core2 both cache the same part of memory at the same time?
If it is possible, what will the value of main memory be if both Core1 and Core2 have edited their values in cache?
The Answer SuperUser contributors David Schwartz, sleske, and Kimberly W have the answer for us.
Consider two threads running the same code.
If it is possible, what will the value of main memory be if both Core1 and Core2 have edited their values in cache?
The old value will be in main memory, which will not matter since neither core will read it.
And our final answer from Kimberly W: To answer the question in your post’s title, it depends on what the caching protocol is.
If it is write-back, the cache will only be flushed back to main memory when the cache controller has no choice but to put a new cache block in already occupied space.
The block that previously occupied the space is removed and its value is written back to main memory.
In that case, anytime the cache block is written on level n, the corresponding block on level n+1 is updated.

You Can Win Two Free Nights in Austin’s Human-Sized Birdhouse

Nightly rental rates spike by hundreds of dollars, and empty rooms get booked fast.
HomeAway is looking to make planning a little easier for two groups of SXSW visitors this year.
As inhabitat reports, the vacation rental site is offering four free nights in their giant birdhouse to a handful of contest winners.
The so-called “World’s Largest Human Birdhouse” is located at the company’s headquarters in downtown Austin, Texas.
With help from West Elm, the interior has been renovated into a cozy, two-bedroom space.
Two groups of up to six guests are eligible for the chance to stay.
and specify whether they wish to stay from March 10 to March 12, or March 17 to March 19.
HomeAway will also provide an additional two nights stay elsewhere in Austin to each of the winning groups.
Every March, tens of thousands of people flock to Texas’s capital for the film, music, and interactive media events of SXSW.
Visitors looking to honor the city’s “Keep Austin Weird” philosophy can enter to win the birdhouse vacation at

Bacteria’s amyloids display surprising structure

Clusters of a toxic bacterial protein have a surprising structure, differing from similar clumps associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s in humans, scientists report in the Feb. 24 Science.
That definition might now need to be broadened.
“All the amyloids that have been structurally looked at so far have certain characteristics,” says Matthew Chapman, a biologist at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor who wasn’t part of the work.
Previous research suggested that PSMα3 clusters were like any other amyloid.
But researchers using X-ray crystallography found that instead of straight beta strands, the PSMα3 fiber was made up of curly structures called alpha helices that resemble an old-fashioned phone cord.
Story continues below image Atypical amyloid A protein from Staphylococcus aureus bacteria makes amyloids from sheets of curly alpha helices (left) rather than the typical flat beta strands (right).
But zooming in, it looks completely different in its fundamental units,” says study coauthor Meytal Landau, a biologist at the Technion–Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa.
“It’s something that really threw me off.” Chapman first thought the finding must have been a mistake.
Alpha helices are a very common protein structure, but “they don’t typically stack on each other to form a sheet,” he says.
When Landau and her colleagues prevented the PSMα3 from forming an amyloid-like structure, the bacteria weren’t as good at attacking human immune cells.

Score! Bumblebees see how to sink ball in goal, then do it better

Buff-tailed bumblebees got several chances to watch a trained bee roll a ball to a goal.
And most of the newcomers even improved on the goal-sinking by taking a shortcut demo-bees hadn’t used, says behavioral ecologist Olli Loukola at Queen Mary University of London.
But bees could observe a trained ball roller, a ball moving on its own (thanks to a researcher sliding a magnet under the arena) or get no advance ball-movement hints at all.
The 10 bees that saw an expert bee roll the ball and score three times before their own attempt succeeded in almost every trial at the task.
Social learning matters, but Loukola highlights the way bees changed the technique they watched.
Most of the successful bees ignored the ball they had seen rolled and instead used one closer to the goal, doing less work for the same reward.
Story continues after video BUMBLE BEES SCORE In experiments, buff-tailed bumblebees learned how to roll a ball to a goal (first clip), a task more bees mastered after watching a trained bee do it (second clip).
Exactly how the bees solved the problem remains a puzzle, says Bennett Galef of McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, who has studied social learning.
Loukola often gets a different question: Could he train bumblebees to play a soccer match?
Then he might be able to study whether bumblebees could share a ball.

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