How Much Sugar Do You Think Is in Your Pizza?

As researchers and nutrition experts begin to discover—and admit—how bad sugar is for the body, there’s more awareness of just how much sugar is contained in some of our favorite foods, even the ones that we think of as savory, not sweet.
Each cube is worth 4 grams of sugar.
The World Health Organization and other experts recommend that you only eat about 25 grams of added sugar a day, by some counts.
Ideally, you should really only be eating a little more than six sugar cubes over the course of your day.
Four Chips Ahoy!
cookies (if you can manage to eat just four) have 8 and a half sugar cubes.
In the U.S., the biggest size of a McDonald’s soft drink, for example, is quite a bit bigger.
Some of the beverages on the list aren’t necessarily thought of as being as sugary as sodas, but are super-sugary nonetheless, like a Venti Starbucks white mocha, which contains some 20 sugar cubes of sweetness.
The two Petit Suisse yogurt cups pictured have three cubes’ worth of sugar, but those are naturally occurring in dairy and don’t have the same health effects as added sugar.
[h/t Co.Exist] All images courtesy of Antonio Rodríguez Estrada via sinAzucar.

This How Talk Therapy Changes Our Brains for the Better

How Talk Therapy Can Change Our Brains for the Better.
They published their research in the journal Translational Psychiatry.
People in CBT learn skills that allow them to challenge and disrupt unpleasant and negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
For the study, researchers recruited 22 people who were already on medication to help with the symptoms of psychosis.
The participants filled out questionnaires about their health and state of mind, then underwent brain scans.
Seven-and-a-half years after their treatment ended, the people in the CBT group showed clear signs of improvement, in both their brain scans and their health histories.
Their brains showed stronger connections between several regions, including the amygdala, which helps identify threats, and the frontal lobes, which are vital for thinking and reasoning.
People in the CBT group also reported feeling better about their mental health than people in the medication-only group, and felt they’d made more progress toward recovery.
Liam Mason of Kings College London was lead author on the paper.
“This is especially important in psychosis, where only one in ten people who could benefit from psychological therapies are offered them.”

It’s Time To Try Mushroom Coffee

Want a Caffeine Boost Without the Acidity?
Try Mushroom Coffee.
From bracelets to peanut butter, there are plenty of creative ways to get your morning caffeine fix.
Finland-based Four Sigmatic is one of the latest companies to offer up an unconventional option with a product that looks, smells, and tastes a lot like a regular coffee—but take a look at the ingredients list and you’ll see that mushrooms are a major component.
The coffee, which is already a good source of antioxidants, gets an extra antioxidant boost from the mushrooms as well as added minerals like zinc that counteract the beverage’s acidity, according to Four Sigmatic founder Tero Isokauppila.
The result is a milder brew that’s easy on the stomach and the taste buds.
As Isokauppila says in the video below, a lot of coffee drinkers who normally take their drink with milk have no trouble drinking mushroom coffee black.
According to Delish, Isokauppila says the indigenous people of Finland have been turning mushrooms into a drink mix for thousands of years.
At 40 milligrams per serving, mushroom coffee has about half the caffeine of regular coffee.
That’s enough to give you a gentle energy boost without the mid-morning jitters.

WWI Centennial: Remembering The Zimmermann Telegram

WWI Centennial: The Zimmermann Telegram.
Erik Sass is covering the events of the war exactly 100 years after they happened.
January 16-17, 1917: The Zimmermann Telegram Germany’s decision to resume unrestricted U-boat warfare at the beginning of 1917 was arguably the worst strategic decision of the First World War – but Germany dug the hole even deeper by attempting to start a war between Mexico and the United States.
The secret initiative to bring Mexico into the war – which didn’t stay secret for long – was laid out in the “Zimmermann Telegram,” a coded message first sent by the German State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Arthur Zimmermann to the German ambassador to the U.S. Johann von Bernstorff, who passed it along to the ambassador to Mexico Heinrich von Eckhardt (this indirect route was used in an attempt to avoid interception, futile as it turned out; below, the coded telegram from Bernstorff).
The full text of the telegram delivered to Eckhardt read: We intend to begin on the 1st of February unrestricted submarine warfare.
In the event of this not succeeding, we make Mexico a proposal of alliance on the following basis: make war together, make peace together, generous financial support and an understanding on our part that Mexico is to reconquer the lost territory in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.
After receiving a copy of the intercepted message on January 17, 1917, the British code-breakers went to work and almost immediately realized the value of the intelligence gathered from the partially decoded document, which was bound to infuriate American public opinion and hopefully bring the U.S. into the war on the side of the Allies.
For now the British kept their secret to themselves, in the hopes that Germany’s resumption of unrestricted U-boat warfare would be enough to bring the U.S. into the war; they only disclosed the existence of the telegram on February 24, 1917, when their American cousins seemed to be dragging their feet (at which point the British were able to cover their tracks even more completely with the collaboration of the U.S. government, by staging additional deceptions to make it appear that it was American spies who obtained the text – this time through treachery in the German embassy in Washington, D.C.
The full details of this exciting episode are set forth in Barbara Tuchman’s classic book, The Zimmermann Telegram.
See the previous installment or all entries.

Check Out These Celebrity Cookbook Authors

11 Surprising Celebrity Cookbook Authors.
He describes his cookbook, Cookin’ with Coolio: 5 Star Meals at a 1 Star Price, as a guide to becoming a “kitchen pimp.” Some of the recipes include “Finger-Lickin’, Rib-Stickin’, Fall-Off-the-Bone-and-into-Your-Mouth Chicken” and “Banana Ba-ba-ba-bread.” In 2012, the rapper appeared on an episode of the Food Network show Rachael vs.
The former takes a memoir-inflected approach to laying out Angelou’s favorite dishes, while the latter was inspired by the author’s significant weight loss and includes advice on moderation and portion control.
You should probably buy the book immediately, just based on the Amazon review that includes this tidbit about Sammy Hagar’s chapter: “The whole things about aliens!
His first, The Tucci Cookbook, is drawn from his family traditions in Italian cooking.
And he followed it up with another family-oriented cookbook.
Unlike the fried chicken and barbecue pork featured in her 2008 book Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen, her newest recipes tend toward vegetarian alternatives like sweet pea burgers and edamame parmesan.
In October 2016, Ziggy Marley made his cookbook debut with Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook: Delicious Meals Made With Whole, Organic Ingredients from the Marley Kitchen.
In Cooking With Regis & Kathie Lee: Quick & Easy Recipes From America’s Favorite TV Personalities, chefs that appeared on the cooking segment contributed instructions for dishes like Mediterranean eggplant pie and yogurt chicken.
In addition to his chapter in the Smash Mouth cookbook, in 2015, he released Are We Having Any Fun Yet?

A White Mug That Hides a Secret

This Simple White Mug Is Hiding a Secret That Film Geeks Will Love.
(Warning: This article contains spoilers from a 22-year-old movie.)
Nearly a quarter-century after its initial release, Bryan Singer’s The Usual Suspects still manages to surprise audiences—and make it onto just about every list of “The Best Movie Endings of All Time” ever compiled.
As AMC wrote in just such a list, where the film nabbed the number 21 spot, “For two hours, Kevin Spacey’s spineless Verbal plays helpless lamb being lured to Chazz Palminteri’s slaughter.
But with the drop of a coffee cup, and the shaking off of a limp, the true identity of a criminal mastermind is revealed.”
For fans who want to reenact the pivotal moment in which Palminteri’s customs agent Dave Kujan learned he’s been duped by Spacey, this simple white Kobayashi mug is the perfect prop.
It’s dishwasher- and microwave-safe—and yes, it comes in one piece.
Of course, if you plan on dropping it dramatically to chase after Keyser Söze, you’re going to have to do it in one take (or stock up and buy a couple).
You can score one of the elegantly minimalist mugs on Firebox for only $13.

10 Great Facts About The Thesaurus

Since today is Thesaurus Day, we’re celebrating with these 10 fascinating facts about your thesaurus.
In the early 1530s, a French printer named Robert Estienne published Thesaurus Linguae Latinae, a comprehensive Latin dictionary listing words that appeared in Latin texts throughout an enormous span of history.
Philo of Byblos, a Greek historian and grammarian, wrote On Synonyms, a dictionary of synonyms that scholars consider to be the first ancient thesaurus.
Dating to the late 1st century or early 2nd century CE, the book lists Greek words that are similar in meaning to each another.
Rather than compile a boring list of similar words, Amara Sinha turned his thesaurus into a long poem.
In 1805, he began compiling a list of words, arranged by their meaning and grouped according to theme.
The division between “words people” and “numbers people” is deep-seated.
The thesaurus covers words and synonyms from Old English to the present day and lets readers discover when certain words were coined and how long they were commonly used.
Bochner had incorporated words and synonyms in his paintings for years—which were collectively referred to as the thesaurus paintings—featuring word paintings and lists of synonyms on canvas.
The brightly covered paintings feature different groups of English and Yiddish synonyms.

Don’t miss out on a chance to apply for Cambridge’s LEGO Professorship

Time Is Running Out to Apply for Cambridge’s LEGO Professorship.
As The Guardian reports, the application for the LEGO professorship is due on Friday, January 20—meaning fun-loving scholars only have three days left to throw their hats in the ring.
Cambridge’s so-called “LEGO professorship” was established by a £4 million donation from the LEGO Foundation, a corporate foundation whose mission, according to its website, is “to make children’s lives better—and communities stronger—by making sure the fundamental value of play is understood, embraced, and acted upon.”
More than a third of that donation will fund a new Centre for Research on Play in Education, Development & Learning (PEDAL), led by the LEGO professor; the remaining money will go toward the professorship.
Ultimately, their findings may influence how children are taught in schools—think more playful learning instead of tests. “The value of play is relatively under-researched,” Cambridge professor Anna Vignoles, who’s currently serving as PEDAL’s interim director, told The Guardian. “You have people who are claiming that it enhances learning, that it’s important, that it’s good for children’s wellbeing.
All of that might be true, but actually there’s remarkably little evidence for that.
Cambridge University is in charge of the hiring process, and they’re seeking a candidate whose focus is educational psychology.
As for experience level, applicants don’t need to have already held a professorship, as more emphasis will be placed on their research skills.

Al Capone’s Had a Hobby, it was Songwriting

Al Capone’s Hobby: Songwriting.
There weren’t many constants in Al Capone’s rocky life, but the crime boss—who was born on this day in Brooklyn in 1899—had a love of music, and it never wavered.
He spent countless hours reclined listening to his phonograph, which cycled through an impressive collection of Italian opera records (Aida by Giuseppe Verdi was a personal favorite).
Musicians would gravitate toward him, hoping to score a gig at his favorite nightclubs.
In 1926, the mobster’s friends kidnapped jazz star Thomas Wright “Fats” Waller.
Holding him at gunpoint, they ordered the terrified artist into the back of their limo.
But, to Waller’s surprise, he wasn’t harmed.
Here’s how it went: In the quaint Italian garden While the stars were all aglow Once I heard a lover singing To the one that he loved so.
Madonna Mia, With your true love to guide me, Let whatever betide me, I will never go wrong.
Madonna Mia, This I vow here before you, ‘Till the end, I’ll adore you.

Here’s What Really Happens If You Don’t Turn Off Your Cell Phone On A Plane

What Really Happens When You Don’t Turn Off Your Cell Phone On A Plane.
Some angry phone addicts will even argue they read an article online that said they don’t really need to turn their phones off anymore, because there is a picocell on the plane.
Well, they’re right as long as they’re on a plane equipped with picocell technology, but chances are they’re being told to turn their devices off because the plane does not have a picocell.
And maybe if passengers understood that cell phone signals bounce off multiple towers, which makes it hard for pilots to clearly communicate with control towers, they would comply without all that grumbling!
-Via Travel + Leisure

“Flying Car” Prototype Can Takeoff Within the Year

Airbus’s “Flying Car” Prototype Could Be Ready for Takeoff Within the Year.
The manufacturer of the world’s largest passenger airplane is setting its sights on a much smaller form of air travel.
As Reuters reports, Airbus aims to have a single-person flying car prototype ready for demonstration by the end of 2017.
Since last year, Airbus has been looking into building autonomous aircraft that can be summoned through an app, just like ground-based ride-hailing services.
At this year’s DLD digital tech conference in Munich, Airbus CEO Tom Enders revealed just how close they are to reaching that goal.
In addition to personal flying cars, Airbus is also exploring self-piloted helicopter-style aircraft for transporting multiple passengers at once.
Airbus hardly has a monopoly on the future of autonomous air travel.
Uber is also looking to take short-distance travel to the skies in the near future.
Building flying cars sounds like a costly endeavor, but Enders says it could end up saving cities money in the long run. “With flying, you don’t need to pour billions into concrete bridges and roads,” he said at the conference.

Heated Mats That Keep Steps Ice-Free During the Winter

Heated Mats Keep Steps Ice-Free in the Winter.
The first snow of the season is always exciting, but the magic can quickly run out when you remember all the hazards that come with icy conditions.
Outdoor steps become particularly treacherous and many people find themselves clutching their railings for fear of making it to the bottom head first.
Instead of putting salt down the next time it snows, consider a less messy approach: heated mats that quickly melt the ice away.
They’re designed to be left outside, so you can keep them ready to go for the whole winter.
The 10-by-30 inch mats fit on most standard steps and come with grips to help prevent slipping.
A waterproof connector cable connects to additional mats so up to 15 steps can be covered.
Unfortunately, this convenience comes at a price: You need to buy a 120-volt power unit for them to work, and each mat is sold separately.
Running at $63 a mat, the price can add up pretty quickly.
Still, if you live in a colder place where it’s pretty much always snowing, it might be worth it.

Dolly Parton Donates Millions of Books to Kids

Country Legend Dolly Parton Gives Millions of Books to Kids.
When Dolly Parton isn’t accepting lifetime achievement awards for crushing it in country music and pop culture for longer than I’ve been alive: Or raising millions of dollars for victims of the recent wildfires in Tennessee: She’s giving out free books every month to kids all over the US: She’s had at least three “comebacks” since starting the program over 20 years ago.
Check out this video for more on the Imagination Library and why Dolly decided to start the organization that currently provides over a million books a month in 1,600 locations across the US, UK, and Canada: Want More?
Check out these other great articles from dyk:

There’s A Jeff Goldblum Activity Book

‘The Jeff Goldblum Activity Book’ Is Just as Quirky as You’d Expect.
Few celebrities have become internet cult heroes the way Jeff Goldblum has.
He’s come in the form of countless memes, YouTube mashups, and a very odd prayer candle over on Etsy.
Now Goldblum’s brand of neurotic charm is being turned into its own activity book.
Coming in at £7.00 (about $8.43), the book is 32 pages of stammering fun, complete with games, mazes, puzzles, and more, spanning the highlights of Goldblum’s career.
There’s a page urging you to draw a Goldblum emoji, a look-and-find puzzle set in Jurassic Park (1993), and a cut-out of The Fly (1986).
Belly Kids isn’t shy about its love for the actor, as the book’s description reads, “First crush, only love, most charming man on screen.
To say Jeff Goldblum is the one great thing in this world would be a mass under statement.”
If Goldblum isn’t for you, Belly Kids has plenty more items to satisfy your obscure soul, like a Bill Murray coloring book (called Thrill Murray), a David Attenborough quote book, an illustrated collection of classic eating scenes from movie history, and a book collecting various illustrations of Milhouse from The Simpsons.
But let’s be honest, Jeff Goldblum is for everybody, and you can order Do I Hate Being Right All the Time: The Jeff Goldblum Activity Book here.

Things To Know About Paying for Grad School

Students attend graduate school to gain more knowledge in a specific field, increase their future earning power, or switch careers.
If you know what type of graduate program you want to attend, start researching your options early.
Different schools offer a variety of scholarships, fellowships, grants and department funding, and starting the application process early will increase your odds of receiving money from a university’s limited funds.
If you’re willing to spend more time earning your degree, consider taking classes part-time instead of as a full-time student.
Depending on the program, earning your degree part-time may cost less than a full-time program, and you won’t lose a year (or more) of income while you’re studying.
And because most scholarship applications require letters of recommendation, your professors can also help by vouching for you.
Because many grad schools charge less tuition for in-state rather than out-of-state students, consider moving.
The federal government offers grad students loans with fixed interest rates, while private lenders and banks offer student loans with variable interest rates.
Grad students can take a variety of tax credits and deductions depending on their financial situation.
Ask an accountant if you qualify for the lifetime learning tax credit, student loan interest deduction or tuition deduction.

Check Out These Weird But Real Jobs

7 Weird But Real Jobs.
Most of us end up doing something for a living that we didn’t plan for as kids.
But there are jobs out there that are rare, odd, and probably difficult to get into unless you just happen to fall into them.
Can you imagine majoring in French literature and then getting a job as a professional bridesmaid?
This is not the case.
Some women don’t have responsible friends.
If a bride doesn’t have any friends who can handle the job, she can hire a bridesmaid.
Yes, it’s a real job, but it might not be a full-time position.
Read about more Amazing Jobs You Had No Idea Were Real at Uncoached.
(Image credit: Sherry Main)

Learn Why Benjamin Franklin Hated the Letter “C”

Why Benjamin Franklin Hated the Letter “C”.
English is a notoriously difficult language to learn to speak—and it’s perhaps even harder to write.
Benjamin Franklin—who was born on this day in 1706—certainly thought so, which is why he proposed getting rid of certain letters that make redundant sounds.
Why have the letter “C,” for example, when all the sounds it makes can be covered by “S”or “K”?
Other letters he thought were completely replaceable: J, Q, W, X, and Y.
Cutting all of these “useless” letters wouldn’t shorten the alphabet, however, because Franklin also proposed six entirely new letters, including one to replace the “sh” sound and one that makes a soft “o” sound.
Check out this letter he wrote using his phonetic alphabet: Since kids these days are still learning the ABCs and not the ABDs, it’s clear that Franklin didn’t get his way.
Though he managed to convince famous lexicographer Noah Webster that a phonetic alphabet would be best for the new country, they couldn’t convince anyone else.
The public was unimpressed with the idea, and Franklin eventually gave up.

Quotes From Betty White

You can’t just have it bawdy or dirty just for the sake of being that—it’s got to be funny.”
Keep the person in your heart all the time.
Be grateful for the years you had.” “Well I love Snickers and I thought, sure that’d be fun, why not?
And it was a great stunt that she did, and I got the laugh.
She’s probably sticking pins in a little Betty White doll.” “I’ve worked with the Morris Animal Foundation for over 50 years, I’ve worked with the Los Angeles Zoo for over 50 years.
The Morris Animal Foundation is an animal health organization, and we fund humane studies into specific health problems—dogs, cats, horses and zoo and wildlife.
And my exercise: I have a two-story house and a very bad memory, so I’m up and down those stairs.” —From a 2012 interview with The New York Times.
And I had turned [hosting SNL] down about three times years and years ago, because I was so afraid it was so New York and I’m so west coast, I thought it’d be like a fish out of water.
Which I probably was, but I was too dumb to know it!” “If you’re walking with your lady on the sidewalk, I still like to see a man walking street-side, to protect the lady from traffic.
I’m shy, but you’d never know it, and with Bea, she seems so strong, and she’s a bowl of Jell-O come show night.” “I had no idea that I would still be around at this point for one thing, but that I’d still be privileged enough to still be in this business.

Game Over, Little Dude

Game Over, Little Dude – The Mini Alien Menace.
Those alien space invaders seem like they’d be awe-inspiringly massive in the classic arcade game, but in real life their little pixelated space ships are so tiny they wouldn’t scare a house cat!
But despite their small size their pew-pew squares can do some real damage, but those antiquated little suckers are stuck moving from left to right anyway so it’s not that hard to dodge their shots.
It’s actually hard to imagine why game designers thought such silly little starships would pose a threat to the Earth, but they do get bonus points for being the first to blow the whistle on the invasion of the mini aliens!
Add a touch of 80s arcade magic to your geeky wardrobe with this Game Over, Little Dude t-shirt by Pacalin, it’s a great way to celebrate the days when entertainment came a quarter at a time.
Visit Pacalin’s Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more gamer-iffic designs: View more designs by Pacalin | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts Are you a professional illustrator or T-shirt designer?
Let’s chat!
Sell your designs on the NeatoShop and get featured in front of tons of potential new fans on Neatorama!

Dog Lovers Can Take a London Bus Tour With Their Furry Friends

This Week, Dog Lovers Can Take a London Bus Tour With Their Furry Friends.
Londoners are crazy for canines.
Last year, a local restaurant launched a three-course pop-up brunch for dogs.
One luxury hotel now has a special “Doggy Afternoon Tea,” and boasts a “pet concierge.” Keeping with the trend, Time Out London reports that England’s capital city will soon be home to the world’s first bus tour for pups, for four days only next week.
Pet insurers MORE TH>N DOGGYSSENTI>LS created the 90-minute tour, which runs three times a day from Monday, January 16 to Thursday, January 19.
It takes dog owners and their furry friends to London’s best parks and urban dog walking spots, including Hyde Park, Kensington Palace Gardens, and Green Park.
Four-legged passengers can hop off the bus for a quick stroll, if their human companions are so inclined.
When they’re not exploring the city’s dog parks, guests will visit canine-inspired cultural attractions, including Victoria Tower Garden (site of the Annual Parliament Dog Show), The Kennel Club of Great Britain (home to the Europe’s largest collection of dog paintings), and Buckingham Palace (the Queen’s corgis; need we say more?).
When the tour’s all finished, a convenient map will help dog owners locate canine-friendly restaurants and watering holes.
Most of the doggy bus tours are already sold out, but you can check to see if tickets are still available online, or contact organizers about additional dates.

What Ever Happened to the Physical Copy of the “I Have a Dream” Speech?

What Happened to the Physical Copy of the “I Have a Dream” Speech?.
On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and gave a speech for the ages, delivering the oratorical masterpiece “I Have a Dream” to nearly 250,000 people.
When he was done, King stepped away from the podium, folded his speech, and found himself standing in front of George Raveling, a former Villanova basketball player who, along with his friend Warren Wilson, had been asked to provide extra security around Dr. King while he was speaking. “We were both tall, gangly guys,” Raveling told Time.
Moved by the speech, Raveling saw the folded papers in King’s hands and asked if he could have them.
“At no time do I remember thinking, ‘Wow, we got this historic document,’” Raveling told Sports Illustrated in 2015.
They sat there for nearly two decades while Raveling developed an impressive career coaching NCAA men’s basketball.
Though he has received offers for King’s speech—one collector wanted to purchase the speech for $3 million in 2014—Raveling has turned them all down.
“That to me is something I’ll always be able to look back and say I was there,” Raveling said in the original Cedar Rapids Gazette article.
That’s like when you’re 80 or 90 years old you can look back and say ‘I was in touching distance of Abraham Lincoln when he made the Gettysburg Address.’” “I have no idea why I even asked him for the speech,” Raveling, who is currently serving as Nike’s Director of International Basketball, has said.

What Is The Green Book?

Here’s a piece of recent American history that most people have never heard of.
Simply stopping in a town long enough to find out blacks were unwelcome could be dangerous: thousands of towns all over the United States were “sundown towns,” which meant that blacks and other minorities had to be out of the area by sunset.
If an African American reader of the Green Book needed some work done on their car, they knew that Gene’s Auto Repairs on West 155th Street would serve them, because the business was listed in the Green Book.
In communities where there were few or no hotels that provided accommodations to African Americans, the mail carriers submitted a new type of listing: “tourist homes,” or private homes whose owners rented rooms to travelers.
Later editions had the slogan “Carry Your Green Book With You—You May Need It” on the cover, along with a quote from Mark Twain: “Travel is Fatal to Prejudice.” Over time, the number of copies sold grew, eventually reaching 15,000 copies a year.
They could be ordered directly from Hugo Green or purchased through the businesses listed in the Green Book.
Green also provided a “Vacation Reservation Service” to assist his readers with booking rooms and other services.
With the passage of that law, for the first time in history African Americans had the freedom and the right to travel, buy gasoline, eat in restaurants, and obtain lodging anywhere they pleased.
They no longer needed lists of businesses that were willing to serve them, now that all businesses were required by law to do so.
The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture has a copy of the 1941 Green Book in its collection.

Turn Radishes Into Mario Power-Up Mushrooms

This Kitchen Tool Turns Radishes Into Mario Power-Up Mushrooms.
Mario eats mushrooms that look way too brightly colored to be safe, and the red and white ones are clearly inspired by fly amanita mushrooms, which can be toxic if not ingested properly.
But Mario has all the extra lives he could ever need, which make it okay for him to ingest potentially toxic substances, so what are humans with one life left supposed to eat instead of toxic mushrooms?
How about radishes that are sliced to look just like power up mushrooms from the Marioverse?
This fun kitchen gadget created by Israeli industrial designer Avichai Tadmor is called the Ravanello, and it turns ordinary radishes into fun mushroom shapes in just a few simple steps.
The Ravanello won’t actually imbue radishes with the power-up abilities of a Mario mushroom, nor will it make people who can’t stand radishes suddenly change their minds, but it does make some adorable food art!
-Via Laughing Squid

Work Hard For The Money

We Work Hard For The Money.
Some people spend money like it grows on a tree in their front yard, while others scrimp and save every dime so they can have that nest egg waiting for them when they finally decide to shell out some cash.
But no matter how you are with your money there comes a time when you have to make a difficult monetary decision and weigh your hourly wages against the true value of an item you want to buy.
That’s why people have such a love-hate relationship with work and the concept of a paycheck, because we feel like we’re spending 40+ hours a week at work and still don’t have any money to burn.
And once your brain is stuck on saving money for bills, retirement and other unfun things those glory days of frivolous spending are over, that is, until the new (insert product name here) comes out!

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